Community Engagement

Last year, when I was in grade 9, I was a member of the HOPE Cambodia service club and this year I am in part of Van der Poel.

To begin with, HOPE Cambodia is a service club at Yokohama International School, where we aimed to support the people in Cambodia by fundraising which is the significant part of this activity. In addition, this service club provides such as helping school construction and other several projects in Cambodia; volunteer for events in Japan (e.g. the rainbow walk); educate others about Cambodia. Furthermore, the sophomores, juniors, seniors are allowed to go to the Cambodia trip in February to help school construction and other projects. However, at that point, I was in grade 9 so we could not participate in the trip. Therefore, the next year, I continuously, joined the HOPE Cambodia service club. I have participated in more events than when I was a freshman. For example, I have participated in the donation during the food fair. Additionally, I have also created a sticker for advocacy. I have also volunteered to go on the trip, but it was canceled due to its lack of money that we have fundraised.

Next, Van der Poel is another service club at Yokohama International School, where we visit, Kodomo no Sono and Koufu Kodomo En, the local orphanages. Similarly to the HOPE Cambodia, our main mission is to collect money via fundraising and spend those for the orphanages by purchasing gifts for the Christmas party which is the main event of Van der Poel service club. In addition, one of a member from the Van der Poel and I went to the service leadership retreat, in order to understand our improvements in the future by also looking at the other service clubs.

Thus, these experiences will be essential to my current and future life since these services tell us who we are and what to develop as a leader. Throughout these experiences at the services, I have enhanced the word leadership where I used to think that this word was suitable for only the person at a higher status.