Minecraft Blog Post (Jungle)

Rainforest is a tall jungle and there are many rain during the whole years. Some plants grow on other plant to reach the sunlight. Many animals competing for food, many animals adapted to eat a particular food. The tropical rainforest was found in Asia, Africa, South America Central America, Pacific Islands and Brazil. I think the house is made it by the tree. In Minecraft, I made my house with the spruce wood planks.  (mostly). I made the bride that can across to the another tree house. I made a good roof that can not be wet my house.

I felt good doing Minecraft, making my house in jungle because I feel like I’m in the jungle having a tree house. I never made any tree house in real life nor Minecraft so it was fun making a tree house so I chose a jungle. Minecraft was good to do rather than drawing because it’s more exciting to play video game and it also give more idea to use the items. I would like to use Minecraft for project in feature because I enjoy while I play and I can bring someone to join and help. I also thought that it also fun for fighting with other people using mods.


Real Tree house.



Minecraft Tree house.