Science Video-Superfoods


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Conflict Minerals

Hi, I’m Takumi. Everyone knows this popular technology, the iPad. I chose 4 examples of the elements inside the iPad. They are, aluminium, gold, silver and silicon. Aluminium and silicon are used for the screen of our iPads. Silver and gold are the metals used for microelectronic parts such as microchips and microcircuits. The 3 examples of compounds used to create the iPad are glass, lithium ion battery and plastic. The screen is made out of glass. The Home Button is made out of plastic and lithium ion battery are used in the battery.

Gold is mined in South Africa, Australia, America and other countries too. However, almost all companies such as Apple, Sharp, Cannon and others are getting gold from the Congo. It is not good compared to the other countries because people in the Congo are forced by the military groups to mine the mineral. And guess what if you didn’t listen to them? That person will get killed. Also the kids like my age are also working in the mine. Kids should have freedom and should be learning like we do.


Let’s compare the people in the Congo and people in Australia in this picture. Look at this. They have a better clothes such as boots, gloves, helmets, jackets and long pants to keep them protected. And look at the people in the Congo. They have only shirts and shorts. Does this look safe to you? Not for me. Therefore, the Congo doesn’t have good safety equipment like the other countries have. Increased demand for iPads equal increased demand for Congo gold, which equals increase money and power to the military groups. This equals less power for the miners which equals less safety and money for the miners in the end.

I recommend that we could write letters or email to the companies such as Apple, Canon, Nintendo and others that we will not buy their new technology until they quit getting minerals from the Congo. I thought this was the best idea because if a lot of people tell this information to the companies then they might realise that this was not a good way to get these minerals.


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Insulate mean that it make something inside keep heat in or cold in. For Example your water bottle is one of the insulator.

It is depends on seasons. If it was summer you should make the room cold because it is hot outside. If it was winter you should make the room warm because it is cold outside. We can use our insulate energy anywhere inside and  that makes you comfortable. But I think it is not good idea to use too many energy so we can’t use next time when we want to use again.

I think we shouldn’t have insulation in YIS because that will cost a lot of money so I think it is bad to have a insulation in YIS. YIS has more conduction more than Insulation because YIS have air conditions for summer and winter. Summer for cool air and Winter for warm air.

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