Tutorial Video: Creating a Solution


So far, we made our own tutorial video. What I learned is how to make create good video while we’re taking. I had fun during this lesson and I can’t believe this is our last unit. Well I had fun all the time during the design class and this unit was my best. Even I got the low score I don’t really mind because it was a great unit.


I think my tutorial video was good because I made everything simple, had a subtitle and used side by side when I was teaching how to do it. However, I had a some bad parts like not talking with a clear voice or forgetting to zoom to the important part. For example,  I said “click to the speech bubbled marked thing” instead of being more specific. This was kind of my option but I also didn’t do” the fast and slow motion. I changed many parts from my storyboard. I quit the transition because it didn’t fit it to my video. I changed my topic to iMovie Side by Side because when I was taking my video I only talked about Side by Side.


My new ideas that I got that extended my thinking in a new way was adding subtitles to my video because I was concerned that I was not fluent and wanted my listener to understand my message. Before this I never considered the listener’s point of view.

These people are that I comment on

Kai, Koki, Yuichiro


My challenge is when I give a tutorial without reading.  I am not fluent and that is  hard for the listener to understand my message. It was also challenging because it was my first time using Final Cut Pro. I usually use iMovie to create a video. I still have a question for the iMovie and Final Cut Pro which is how to join the clip that is split.


I had fun during creating video. I should improve more with the talking because I was not fluent. I could improve my talking by more practice what I’m going to talk. Next time, I should use iMovie because iMovie was easier than Final Cut Pro.



Developing Ideas : Tutorial

We have been doing so far, how should we design our own tutorial video and how to make a good tutorial. What I learned was whenever we create our own tutorial, most of the tutorial has to have a same titles and transitions.

I think my storyboard meet my design specifications because for example if I put the subtitle on my movie then whenever the person can’t hear the voice or if the talking was too fast then the subtitle will help the person who watch to read the words. Maybe like clear voice is also a good thing to do so people will understand more. If you make everything simple also that makes other people understand more too. It’s also my choice for the side by side (maybe I’m not going to use it for this project) to show which is bad or good. When I’m doing the parts that we don’t need much we can make it fast. If I want to show really important stuff than I should make it slow so people will more understand it.

My topic is about how to do a imovie effects. My topic makes a good tutorial to not rush and calm down more, talk it more clearly, don’t laugh too much or else people wouldn’t understand well and find a good place to take a film so it’s not too loud when I’m taking the film.

I think right now I don’t have anything to learn.

I think I still need to improve on, don’t be too excited while I’m doing something so then I’ll do something different or I’ll rush. What I want to learn next is how should I used the design specification during my turioal. I enjoyed on preparing the tutorial and be ready.

Here is my Tutorial Design Specifications.

Here is my Timeline plan.

And lastly here is my Story Board.


Inquiring and Analyzing Tutorial

What I have learned is how to create a good tutorial. I think when I create my own tutorial last time I wasn’t ready to show material or what I have to say or something like that. I was intrested about the most tutorial has a terrible beginning to end. For example, even though it says How to do ……… but it doesn’t show how to do it.

Maybe we can teach someone how to do the project, For example, I made a tutorial about how to create a gif. If I tell how can we create a gif the person whoever watched my tutorial would know how to create a gif.

I think the important things are clear voice, detailed word, organized screen and simple screen. These are what I can think about now. This makes the person who are watching the tutorial will understand more than the terrible tutorial.

My goal for my tutorial is to make a less mistake during the tutorial, have a lots of views and good comments. I want to make it simple, have a detailed words and clear voice. What I makes say that to be like a teacher and teach how to do the thing and be popular.

What I want to improve on creating a better tutorial than than before. What I want to learned is how to create a better tutorial. I had enjoyed researching about photoshop and I think I learned about photoshop more than tutorial.

Since a couple of weeks ago we did our presentation about the technology presentation. Here is my presentation about Imovie (below this paragraph). Please enjoy.

This was our first tutorial research. I was researching about Photoshop.

Here is the link for my favourite tutorial.

There are tutorial comment that I leave it to their post.
Koki’s Blog, Jae Hyun’s Blog and Kai’s Blog


My Favourite Video:Photoshop

This video was the best one that I watched because he spoke clearly while he was doing his video and other tutorial were all not detailed which makes me confusing. He also zoomed the screen which that makes me easy to watch. He watched carefully when he was doing his video thing. He mostly show the thing we have to do on beginning.

This video was terrible because he only put music while he was doing and he didn’t show the subtitle that much and which makes me hard to do.






Creating the Solution Reflection

So far we’ve been doing about, how we’re going to design our blog. So we draw a picture of how the blog is going to be. I learned about making a new page. Not a post.  We also created our own blog by using a page.

I’m really happy with my blog right now because it looks cool, have a lots of fun stuff such as video games, have some youtube video and my headers is my favourite brand. But only my background is little bit different than I thought. It should said Middle School is awesome but It was too small for my background so I changed to PacMan background.

Something that I was really proud on my blog is my background because it is perfect size and perfect background for my blog.

My goal is to make my blog popular and having more subscribers! It could be a blog and it could be youtube channel to subscribe. I also want to keep having a good blog.  Right now I can’t think of what I want to improve but I improved that my blog changed a lot because before it so messy but now it got better organize than before. It is pretty hard to say but whenever I go to blog it’s going down all the time. So I want to learn about how to keep your blog on top. I enjoyed uploading a lot of video games in my blog so the person who see my blog can play a video game.

Developing Ideas Reflection

What we’ve been doing so far was that we draw a picture of our blog. What I was interesting about was that we draw our picture and imagine how it is looks like on real blog. What I learned was that there are many ways to design your blog. For example, drawing is one of the way to imagine and design your blog.

I chose the themed titled “Takumi’s Gaming Blog.” I chose this one because there is lots of different types of fun activity with games. For example, video game and Outdoor game like soccer or any kinds of sports. I know I know, I also had to add my educational stuff. If I create a Potato blog, for example there is nothing that you can do with potato. I also like video games and outdoor game so I chose this Gaming Blog.

I think I need to organise with the pages of our blog and I need to change my background and header to gaming, soon. What I plant to learn is to subscribe people by creating movie and stuff but we just have to be careful with the hacking and other bad stuff.

My small goal is to keep organise my blog and not disorganized my blog ever. Right now, I don’t have any idea to improve but I want to improve in future. I really enjoyed with the embed code.

Inquiry and Analyzing Reflection

What we’ve been doing so far in Design Class is learning what makes a good blog and how to be a good blogger. For Example, first of all, you should organise your blog well such as categories, page numbers, search box and menus so readers can easily find information. I learned about design feature in blogs such as widgets, categories and menus, which will help me to organise. The last time when I made my own blog I didn’t put any of widgets, categories and menus.

I think I need my own blog to have fun and I can share the ideas immediately to readers. Also we can be popular if the blog were great. Having a blog would solve my problem of sharing information individually which takes time.  If I have a blog everyone can look at my information that I want to share immediately

I think the most important design specifications are a search box, menu and title. These 3 things that are really common that you see in the blog but I still think it is super important. For example,if you don’t have a title, the readers wouldn’t comprehend the main idea about the blog.  For the menu, you can find the topic that you want to search about. And last one search box which is  important to find the information immediately for the readers. I think the priority of the 3 main things are Title, Menu and Search box.

I already have the 3 criteria on my blog.

What I want to improve is to make some page numbers. If you don’t make the page numbers you have to scroll down all the time and find the information which takes time. It is annoying. What I want to learn more about are categories and embed codes.

Blog Brainstormplease click to enlarge image.