Field Studies 7th Grade

This year, we 7th graders went to Nagano for the field studies. During the field studies, I enjoyed doing mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking on Wednesday. The thing that I was very surprised was when I clear the hardest corse on rock climbing. My most challenging thing was to hang out with my friends in my room late and try not get caught by the teachers (we slept around 9:30 to 10 on night).  We could do rock climbing at school during the recess.

Principled And Open Minded

I think I was brave to say polite things to them. For Example I said “Itadakimasu” on morning and afternoon. I think I was principled being key master to responsible locking the door. I was open minded when I think our creative skit. It was about caveman was dancing “youkai taisou” (Japanese Cartoon). There is the video below. It success and I was really happy about everyone was laughing about our funny skit. I can’t wait for  the next amazing field trip. This year is Hakuba and GO HAKUBA!!! (ALSO YIS TOO)


I think I was communicator at Field Studies because I talked a lot of with my friends and then I made a new friend which his name is Victor. I also talked more people at Field Studies than a usual or normal day. Mostly at Field Studies I think I used more English than Japanese a lot. I didn’t knew about that I was talking in English a lot. I also spoke Japanese to Japanese people. I think it helped my English better (maybe). I also thought that I made a more good friends at Field Studies. Field Studies 最高〜!

About Field Trip and Risk Taking


Field Studies. Field Studies are the special day for us to have fun. I’m pretty sad that we have field studies once a year. This year, we grade 6 were in Hakuba this year. It taked us to Hakuba around 4 to 5 hours. But I thought it took an year to took us to Hakuba.  During the bus we saw Japan biggest mountain named Mt.Fuji or Fujisan (there is the photo below this paragraph). The best part of the field studies was when we did the Zipline Adventure. First, I thought it is going to be piece of cake but my guess were incorrect. It was pretty heigh and it was hard to do during the first one but when I kept trying it got easier and easier and I got the pattern, I guess. What I also had fun during the hot air balloon. It was pretty warm inside (there is a photo below this paragraph). Before I was afraid of dogs but now I’m not afraid of dog because I carried dogs which their name Teddy and Sky. I think this field studies was really great.