Nature vs Nurture

In my opinion, the nature vs nurture debate is the debate over how people influence to the people today scientifically and culturally. For instance, during the class today (23/08/2017) we watched a short BBC clip about gender stereotype. They had an experiment of switching the gender of the toddler by changing their clothes. The researchers were checking to see what kind of toys that the volunteer would give to the toddler. The results showed, all of the adults handed out a vehicle toy such as car and truck immediately to the boy and gave a doll to the girl. This clip explained me how the environment around us including the people in that video affects how we developed from the beginning.

I think that our behaviour dictated by our genes and environment impacts us differently in various situations. For example, if you were an athlete, you may have the talent which are the genetics. However, you would also need to train which is the environment.

Dragon Day


Designing our project was… Pretty okay and fun doing it (I wasn’t here last time) because our group was about to change the roof to better place and when I came back to school (today), I thought it was great idea too.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because everyone supports each other and we did our work fairly. Also, I thought it was a good chance to talk with the other people that I don’t usually talk with him/her.
ATL skills that I used well Its really hard for me to answer this question because I wasn’t here yesterday but I think I used the communication skill effectively. It is because I communicated the people that I usually don’t talk like girls.
Great moments along the way The great moments was on the second day of school (08/23) starts. I liked when we’re doing the fashion show. That was the great moments during the Dragon Day.  
One thing I learned from another group One thing I learned from one of a group is that they’re trying to have a semi Gin or services and Gin is not popular at all (sad).
Next time, I will Next time, I will try to go the first day of dragon day so I will not what will I do.
Something awesome that I contributed We did something awesome creating the video and the rap. It was fun.

Science Eyeball Tutorial


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The Sun and Moon – Korean Folktale

4 Characters

  • Mother
  • Tiger
  • Elder Sister
  • Younger Sister


  • Outside near village in Korea
  • Mother and children’s home


Once a upon a time, a mother went back home with 2 rice cakes for her children. When she was going back to her home, the tiger jumped out from the bushes. The tiger said “Give me that rice cake or I will eat you.” The mother said “Fine but just don’t eat me.” Then, she started to walk again. She kept walking and again the same tiger jumped out from bushes again. “Give me that rice cake or I will eat you!” the tiger said. “Uh, fine! But just don’t eat me!” the mother said. She started to walk again. Mother kept walking and she saw her house but the same tiger jumped out from the bushes again. “Give me the rice or I will eat you!” the tiger said. “I don’t have any rice cakes.” the mother said. The tiger surprised, “What you don’t have any rice cakes left. Grrr. I will eat you”. “Ahh.” the mother yelled. After the tiger ate the mother, the tiger wear her clothes and to pretend to be mother. When the tiger went to the mother’s home, the tiger said, “Open! It’s mom!” Then the younger children said “What happened to your voice. It’s weird!” “No. It’s your mom. I just yelled too much and I lost my voice!” the tiger said. But the children still thought that something was wrong with their mother. So they said “Show me your hand.” The tiger show her hand with the leftover rice powder to look like their mom. “I’ll go to the kitchen to cook dinner.” So the tiger went to the kitchen. The children went to the kitchen and what they found was a tiger’s tail. The children hid to the tree and when the tiger went back to the room, the tiger didn’t find the children. “No I missed them.” The tiger also went to the tree and the tiger saw the children on tree. The Tiger went to get the axes to cut the tree. “Oh no what should we do.” the younger sister said. “We should pray to the god.” the older sister said. They prayed to god and god gave a magical rope to climb up to the heaven. Also the tiger prayed to god and the tiger tried to climb up with the magical rope but the tiger was too fat that he felt down from the rope. In heaven, god told the children to be a sun and a moon. The younger sister was the moon and the older sister was the sun. The younger sister didn’t want to be a moon so the older sister said “Do you want to switch?” Then the younger sister said, “YES”. Finally, the younger sister became the sun and a older sister became the moon.


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