Expanding my comfort zone during G8 Expedition

For the expedition, 8th grade went to Minakami in Gunma.  (水上 群馬)

We did a lot of activities. The three activities that had the most impact was,


  • Rafting
  • Cannoning
  •  Mountain Biking

I really hated high places and I didn’t want to do cannoning but  I tried and jumped of from a high place. It was really fun and now I still don’t like high places but I ‘m a little more confident of it.

Mountain Biking was very fun and I want to do it again. I don’t really have a chance to go down a mountain with my bicycle so it was a interesting experiment for me.



Koto Sekijyun

My practice strategies are to first tune the koto and start playing up and down on the koto and then to start playing the first page of Sekijyun. I play the easier parts quickly and then play the hard parts for me a lot of times. One thing that was successful was how I practiced. I practiced a lot on one place, so when that part comes, I remember what the notes are so I can concentrate on playing it clearly. I need to practice more and be able to remember at least half of the piece and to play the “Sukui” clearly. My practice regimen at home is usually 2-4 times a week. When I have time, I do 4 times. But usually I just do 2 and I’m done.The part that I have been success full was the first page and the places where koto 1,2 and the base koto plays a similar melody. The reason I say this is because these were the parts that I got really nervous so I practiced and now I can remember a little bit of the piece.Section B and C requires further work for me. It goes on very quick and when I get mixed up with where I am playing, I get really worried. One thing I find enjoyable about the koto ensemble is that I have an opportunity for learning more about koto. The challenge about ensemble playing is that the whole class needs to cooperate and stay on the same pace.

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Dragons day! ~Reflection~

Designing our project was interesting and fun. It was a good opportunity to know about students from other grades. 

Reason I liked working with my group because everyone was collaborative and we listened to each other’s opinion. Atl skills that I used well was Collaboration skill. When I didn’t have anything to do, I asked what I could do and tried to do as much thing as I can. Great moments along the way was when I saw the finished dragon and when me and my team finished sticking the messages on the background. 

Something awesome that I contributed is helping glueing the message papers and going around Elementary,Middle and High school students asking for them to write something on the paper we used for our background.



Dragons day photos!





Koto Final Performance ☆Reflection★

On march 11th we performed a piece called “Rokudan no Shirabe (六段の調)” using our koto in our school auditorium. All of our classmates (koto class) played it in front of a lot of people. This blog post is about my reflection for our performance.

My areas of focus was mostly the 2nd dan (almost every line) and the 1st line of the 3rd dan. I improved on the 1st line of 3rd dan. I think my preparation was ok but I could have put in more effort in to it. For me, breaking up my focus point and practicing the part I chose helped me have confidence.

Practice more every day and ask how to play the difficult parts for me. Next time I will ask more questions when I have difficulties in playing any sections. I will also ask people (for example my family member) to listen to me playing the koto and asking them for feedback. I think my mum will be a perfect person to check my tuning and sound when I am not confident about it (She has perfect pitch).

I think we did better then our practice and I think we were able to not laugh when we made a mistake. But I think we sometimes sped up so next time,we could try more harder to make the speed the same. For me individually, my 1st dan and 2nd dan went better then I was expecting. I didn’t forget to move the 12( イ) to B from A. Next time I will try practice more that I can play in the same pace through the whole piece. I also would circle the focus points (where I need to practice) and make sure I practice that part every week.

Thank you for reading.

Oral Presentation *Reflection*

In English, me and my partner did a Oral presentation about Social Media getting banned in North Korea.

I did well on finding the informations that was needed and I also did well on not  looking at the cue cards (sticky note).

I need to improve on getting more information and talking louder and clearer. Even when I think in my head that I need to speak louder, my voice just gets smaller.

¿Quién soy?

¡Me llamo Sarasa! Soy de Japón y de Inglaterra. A miˆ me gusta dibujar y jugar al volleyball. Siempre lee un libro antes de dormir. A miˆ no me gusta correr y estudiar. En familia es hoy abuelo,abuela,madre,padre,tíos,primo y hermano. Son muy fascina familia. Mi hermano es muy inteligente y bonito y guapo. Mi hermano pelo tiene negro y es alto. Tengo pelo castaño y soy un poco alto y ojos castaño. Soy artística y tímido y no intelligente. Me siempre estudiar Matemáticas y Ciencias. Nunca estudias Japonés. Siempre dibuja y abrazo mi hermano todos los días.

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Koto ~Rokudan~ Focus *Improvement*

This blog post is the “improvement” part from the last blog post ↓

Koto ~Rokudan~ Focus


From last years December to this new years January, I practiced the piece rokudan being careful of the three things I need to focus.

  1. Remember to release my left hand at the right timing after a press
  2. Be able to not forget presses
  3. Don’t make a mistake with which finger I am supposed to use

I especially focused on 3rd dan line 1 first measure, because theres a lot of place where we use more then 1 finger and I wasn’t quite good at it. I also tried to keep the tempo the same.

I think my tempo is a little bit better but I think I could improve more. Now I don’t forget the presses and I improved a little remembering where I get my left hand of after the press. Lastly I think that now I don’t make mistakes with my fingers as last year.

SLC Show case portfolio

This is my show case portfolio for the student led conference.


Creative thinking: Japanese story writing: Curry rice
Information literacy: Visual Art:Criterion A Final grade
Collaboration: P.E. dance unit: Dance Performance
Communication: P.E. dance unit
Media literacy: Individuals and Society:Colonizer presentation

In Japanese, we wrote a story based on a story called “Curry rice” and I scored good on it and when we write stories, we need to think creatively.


In INS (Individuals and Society), we did a project about colonizer and colonizing. Me and my partner did Belgium and Congo. For this, we needed photos for our slide show and information for the script.



Visual Art project, Criterion A Final grade. For this, we needed to have a lot of information. We searched information about three artist, one artist I most know about it Van gogh.

In P.E., we made a dance with our partner and to make a dance, we needed to have a collaboration skill and also communication skill. The dance was based on the song “Uptown funk”.

I think I did ok in these skills. But I think I would be able to keep improving.

To improve this skill, I would read more books (for my creative thinking),Search more stuff and watch more news (for information literacy and media literacy),Try to talk more often to people I don’t talk with (for may collaboration and communication skill).

Koto Our own piece ~Arrangement~

In our koto class, we chose one piece we want to arrange. I chose Canon and this is the step I went through to arrange the piece!

  1. Figured out the tuning
  2. Made the piano note to a koto note
  3. Tried playing it
  4. When there was a high note that I can’t use, arrange it so it sounds good
  5. Add my left hand make it so that it sounds good
  6. Play it with both of your hand and if theres any eros,fix it!