Chiku Service Community Engagement

All the member in the Chiku service participates to make dishes for the homeless living at Motomachi. We donate food, and help the Chiku center people hand out, make the food.

I went in the morning, to wash and cut the ingredients. I arrived at the place before 30 minutes, but there were lots of other people that were already helping. Me and the people from YIS didn’t have anything to do for a few minute, and when I was looking around, I saw stray cats and pigeons. The cat didn’t look like a pet cat, and it made me think of animal issues around us.

When I was washing the potatoes, the water was really cold, and it made me notice how I’m blessed. It made me think of how hard it is for the homeless people to use cold water in the winter, and to earn water and foods.

In Chiku, we had a time where we focused on the homeless’s lives and there history. From the research, we found out that they have a really hard time earning money, and



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