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Wilderness Engagement

on March 13, 2018

During the grade 9 expedition, I have demonstrated a skill of collaboration skills. The reason I developed this skill is because all students in my group had different speeds of walking up the mountains. Collaboration skills were important because people that are fast walkers can wait for people that was slow at walking. During the hike, I think that I was a role of creating a positive atmosphere in the group. I tried to cheer up my group members. We also played some team games while we were walking. The challenges I faced during the hike was the rain. I didn’t mind about being cold but I didn’t like getting wet in the rain. I challenged myself by creating a positive attitude with everyone during the hike. I suggested some games to play and I gave out squid to people around me. I’ve developed my self reliance by putting up the tent by my self. At the first campsite, while I was waiting for Hayao, my partner to come, I decided to put up the tent with what I learned. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and got up the tent by myself. Successfully, putting up the tent went very well and that developed my self reliance. Next time when I hike again, I will not put my hiking shoes out side of the tent. This is because my shoes were soaking wet after the night when I had them out side of the tent. 


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