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Wilderness Engagement (May 9, 2019)

on May 9, 2019

For expedition this year, I went to the Philippines. The main activities we did was diving, which the advanced group had 12 dives in total during this expedition. As an advanced diver, doing this many dives made me grew as a diver who thinks about the outside environment, not just yourself. The instructor told me that since you are in advanced open water diver, you should have awareness, and care everything around you.

The challenges that I faced during this expedition is keeping the buoyancy steady during a dive. Good buoyancy is important because if you use your fin kicks to be steady in water, you might damage the corals or roll up the sand. To solve this problem, I focused to keep my body horizontal and keep my arms open so that I can balance my self. From this experience, I learned about figuring out the problem by myself and solving it.

From this experience, I now learned that when there is a problem, the first thing to do is to calm your self down. Then, remember what the instructor said when you have that issue. Because the instructor told me to keep my breathing steady, I was able to calm down and wait until I could be in a comfort position. Since this experience was under water, I am now comfortable dealing with panicking issues during normal times.

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