During our field studies, we went to Niigata. I achieved a change in mindset. The reason for this is because I realized that there is more in the world than just the city we live in or the cities we’ve lived in the past. I also realized how beautiful and peaceful nature is, something that I don’t usually see very often since I live in the city. The reason I decided to go on this trip to Niigata with my classmates is that I wanted to see a different place in the country I live in. I also wanted to achieve a change in mindset which is something I did achieve. What I thought I would get out of is enjoying the beautiful views while being with my friends at the same time. I was very worried about almost everything about this trip. Walking so much for three days straight was something that was kind of new to me, as well as sleeping two nights in a tent while it was raining and not being able to shower for three days straight was also something that worried me. I was very excited about spending time with my friends while looking at beautiful mountaintop views. All my worries and excitements made me into a better person and achieving a change in mindset.


This photo is the first morning and the second day of our hike. It describes how peaceful it was up there on the mountaintops. As you can see in the evidence it was very early in the morning as we were set to go start the hike. I felt peaceful and happy when living this moment. Watching the beautiful sunset go through the trees on a cold October morning on top of the Niigata mountains, is an experience not a lot of people get to do. What I learned from this evidence is to appreciate every moment you live, as it is not something everyone experiences which makes it a very special moment.

Right now, I am sitting in my classroom processing the Niigata trip. The process of this trip was walking for three days straight and sleeping in tents for two nights. In the beginning, I did not feel ready as I really did not want to do it, but when we were arriving back from our hike, I realized how much fun I had walking while being with my friends. I am different as I changed as a  whole. During that trip, a lot of unexpected moments had happened which I had learned from. I learned to trust more in people, appreciate all the moments in life, but especially achieving a change in mindset. What will stay with me is the fun experiences I had while walking on the hike. My change in mindset will also stay with me. The way I learned to appreciate everything more on that hike is the main thing that will stay with me, as it is something which is very important which I will value my entire life. The experience did not match my expectations, as I thought it was going to be a very dull trip with only walking, but I had a lot of fun as I was with my friends, and I learned to appreciate the things around me which were very satisfying.

Now I am finished, as a couple of months have passed since the expeditions. I would totally do it again, as I enjoyed it very much. if I were to do it again I would be curious to try it at another place and during another season such as winter to see how different it is, and if it is still as fun. What I now know is to enjoy every single thing about life.