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Wilderness Engagement

  During our field studies, we went to Niigata. I achieved a change in mindset. The reason for this is because I realized that there is more in the world than just the city we live in or the cities… Continue Reading →

Mise en train- un concours photographique

  Activité 1: Tu as compris? 1. Why are the students taking pictures? To enter a photo contest 2. What do Agnès and Jean-Philippe take pictures of? The beautiful rainforests of Martinique 3. What do they emphasize in their presentation… Continue Reading →

Mise en train- une spécialité française

Activité 1- 1) Où sont Mme Lepic, Sandra et Pamela au début d’Une spécialité française? Elles sont au centre-ville. 2) Quelles courses est-ce que Pamela et Sandra font pour Mme Lepic? Achéter du pain 3) Qu’est-ce que Pamela achète? Pourquoi? Elle achète du fleurs pour… Continue Reading →

Mise en train- une nouvelle vie

  Activité 1- 1) Which rooms of the Lepic house does Pamela see? She sees the entrance hall, the living room, the kitchen, Sandra’s parents’ bedroom, the bathroom and Pamela’s new room. 2) What would Pamela like to do? Pamela would like to visit the… Continue Reading →

On ècrit une carte postale

Salut Maia! Je m’amuse beaucoup à Saint Martin, mais il me tarde de te voir. Tous les jours je vais à le MJC et apres je vais avec mes amis au café. Pour le fin de semaine je vais à la… Continue Reading →

La famille de Sandra

Sandra Lepic:  Voici Sandra. Elle a les yeux marron et elle est brune. Elle à les cheveux courts elle n’a pas les cheveux frisés ou bouclés. Elle a quinze ans et elle habite à Chantres. Elle aime aller au cinema, c’est… Continue Reading →

Bon séjour

1. 1. Sandra tells her family to hurry because she says that her pen pal; Pamela is going to arrive at 10:20. 2. Sandra says she is 16 years old, she is tall and she has brown hair. She also… Continue Reading →

Review on the first two weeks of 9th grade.

The first two weeks of school were great! All the teachers were super nice and really helpful if you didn’t understand something or if you were confused. This being my second year I found it very easy to go back into the… Continue Reading →

Is our behaviour dictated by our genes or our environment?

In my opinion, our behavior is dictated by our environment. It is dictated in our environment because once we are out of the womb we create our own behaviors and habits. This is called nature because you are not born with these behaviors… Continue Reading →

Communication Skills

Today we had a task with two other people which we had to choose one ATL idea and make a video to present it to sixth grade. Communication skills is when you express your ideas to a person or to… Continue Reading →

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