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December 15, 2014 by 21emak

Dear readers,

Finally with all that practices we had our performance. My opinion I think it went very well, we kinda have this problem where we speed up at the end but I think we controlled that pretty good. But maybe if we had more time we could have made that even better. We were second on the program and we were the youngest performers. I got nervous back stage but when I started playing I felt better. We all were practicing back stage, until the last second. I was proud of us for not making mistakes and remembering the piece in such short time. After we were done we got to watch everyone else’s from the audiences set. I really liked everyones but I also really liked the 8th graders one. It had a little bight of rock music in it and it was very cool, when I am in 8th grade I would love to try to play a piece like that for the concert.


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  1. Curt Patterson says:

    I think that Grade 6 did very well in the concert too. There are always small problems with any performance. The important thing is the overall message and impression. We will be working more and more as a group to control the tempo and make it even. You will have chances to play more and more challenging music as you move on. Maybe you will even play Yume No Wa!

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