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February 24, 2015 by 21emak

In design we have been learning about how to make a interesting blog and what it is. I have learned about adding other peoples links on to your blog and also categorising it. That way when the reader is on your blog they can also check another persons blog. We also learned about how it should be eye catching so the reader will still want to read more and to do that it should be simple with more pictures than words. The picture will help tell the reader what it is going to be about before reading the text. When it is simple it gives the readers eye a break.


My blog Brainstorm

You need a blog so you can be able to tell your opinion to the world. To find others that have the same interest. It also can help you how to write an opinion based blog post that will be good in the future. You can tell the world how great you are because the people who know that could just be the people you know or that is around you. You can write what you think and see what others say about it so that you can leave a comment.

In our class we made a design specification document. I think the three most important of them all are to keeping your blog updated, to keep it simple, and interesting because they are the main parts and they have a connection with the other ones. I think interesting because if it is not the reader will not want to read it so it has to maybe be something unique that not a lot have the same topic. When it is interesting the reader will want to read more and more because it is also eye catching. I also think it is simple because if it is to complected no one will really care for it and leave the page. When it is simple it also have good contrast, text size, and there is a lot of space. When you have all those things it makes it easier to read and not so tiring. The last but not least I think it is keeping your blog updated because when it is readers can read more if they thought your blog was interesting. If you don’t the readers might forget about it and find a new blog to read. It is important so you update your blog frequently so the readers can be excited to read the next.

I plan on making sure that my blog has all the three design specification by always checking this page before I press publish. To see if my blog is not overloading and spaced out. I will look at my blog and see what I have done and what I don’t so that I can make it more interesting so that the readers will want to read more. I will also add pictures and video to make it more eye catching for the readers. I will try to do a blog post every week so that it is up-to-date.

I have enjoyed learning about word press and how to make your blog interesting and what to do so that I can use it in my future on my blog. I maybe what to learn next what makes a good blog post like what you should talk about first to last so that they will read it to the end. I think I want improve on having a little more words and making it so that it is a good balance with the photos to explain it more specifically.

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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    Great job Kalea! You have great strategies to make sure your blog meets your design specifications, and you have a great understanding of what makes good blog design! I love your idea about learning about what makes a great blog post – let’s talk about this next lesson!

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