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December 14, 2015 by 21emak

This is a video of me playing the third page of Rokudan lines one and two. This semester I have been working on this piece called Rokudan. Right now there are many things I can improve on, some of the things I want to focus on is the first part with the tremolo and the slide to string six. Another thing is my presses, all the unexpected ones I think I need to work on getting them quicker. Last thing is when I play with my third finger I should be lifting my hand more higher to get a better sound. I would like to focus on the tremolo and the slide to the six string because I think I can work on it a little more, give it more a flowing way and make it sound better. Right now because of my hurt finger the tremolo was kinda hard but I can still work on the fingering on the slide. But I think the biggest part I want to focus on is the presses. I think I need to work on when to let go and when I should press. I feel I press to late causing the string to make a funny sound and I release to early which kills the whole flow. I need to work on where the presses are figure out when I should be already pressing for them and when is the right time, the sound slowly goes away or is stopped by the next lower string. The last thing is my third finger, I think I need to take more time playing the string stronger and giving it a better sound. But overall with more practices I think I am doing pretty well and if I focus on these three things I think I can improve even more.


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