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Silent night (koto)


January 13, 2016 by 21emak

For our assessment task we got to choose our own song that we can arrange to play on the koto. This was a pretty difficult thing to do, because the piece is not made for the koto. We had to choose the tuning that is right for the piece thinking about the highest and the lowest notes. I chose the song silent night, was not as difficult but I had some trouble adding the left had. The right hand was pretty simply till I realised that I had made a mistake tuning the koto. I fixed the tuning and went smoothed after that. The left had did not have to be as perfect as the right because the left was just a additional thing. But I had problems with it because even though the note says one thing it did not match the sound for the right hand, At the end of the piece as well I had the problem where it was the same note. But I was able to fix all these problem by changing the note so that it becomes broken octaves. Or just by simply getting rid of the note. I think that was the biggest thing I straggled with. All I had to do now was to present, and I had a little trouble with that as well. My rhythm was off so I had to always think about the song and sing it in my head while playing. But the piece turned out pretty nice, and I am proud of myself for being able to go through it.


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