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Spanish: Unit 3 Reflection


March 15, 2016 by 21emak

In Spanish our unit three, la familia was where we learned about how to describe your family to others, positive and negative things. I think I have learned many new vocabulary in this unit still being able to look back at what we did in the previous units. I feel that there were many things I needed to focus on and get better at to make this unit a success. The three most important skills I have learned and thought was most useful was connecters, for example y, además, porque, sin embargo. Also I have learned about comparisons, how to say more than, less than, younger, older, and about equality (how to say it’s the same when compared). The last thing is the difference between tú, tu, and te, when and where to use it and see who it applies to. These are the skills I feel I had improved on and what really helped make a good complex sentence, which equaled to a good grade. Some questions I had were (this may be for the nest unit), how would you explain this to someone in past or present tense? When you make your sentence formal do you only have to change the tu, into usted? The new way of revising and studying my Spanish was very effective and useful in my eyes. By being able to see, speak, and write what is there and would like to keep using this method to improve on many new up coming things. Overall I really am proud of what I have learned and understood.

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  1. Sra. Hill says:

    We won’t learn the past tense until next year. When you are addressing someone formally, you should use the usted form.

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