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Koto Performance Reflection


March 17, 2016 by 21emak

In our music class we have just finished a performance on our koto. The piece was call rokudann but we only played half of the song (three pages long). This piece was very difficult to prepare as a group and myself because everybody was playing the same part. We had to communicate more often to keep everybody at the same speed. I had focused most on the presses and the tremolo, making them sound more precise. I feel at the concert I did very well on these skills and really improved by being able to tell how strong it was necessary to push, how long I needed to do the tremolo. I think the most effective thing when trying to improve is repeating the skills many times. I had practiced at school and at home to try and perfect the piece. By repeating the skill I think you get a better feeling of it and improve on what you have did wrong. I still feel I could have worked better on not trying to rush when playing. We have this problem where people start playing faster on the simple sections and get lost in the difficult. Trying to maintain the situation should have been my next priority As a group overall our class is very good at communicating with others and playing their own part. The performance had some parts that needed improvement but still went well. I think if we had more practice we could have made it sound much nicer because right now, not everybody is playing at the right speed together. Even wen one of our player’s bridge fell off, most of us did not laugh or look and stayed focus making our group more sophisticated. Everybody’s presses sounded more accurate which made it better. But as a individual I feel I did well trying to stay the same speed as others and not making mistakes. I really met my expectations at a high level and I will like to keep that up for the next time as well.

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  1. Curt Patterson says:

    Thanks for posting, Kalea. I think that through your work on Rokudan that your class has become a much better ensemble – thinking as one. Presses are so important in koto playing. Always be clear about when you press and when you release. It can make or break the music. Tremolos can make things really beautiful sounding. The tempo for a pice like Rokudan is very difficult. We really need to work on that as a group. Repetition is good, of course, but I am hoping that we can all look at the issues and practice in the way best suited to the section or technique. Please keep up the great work. I look forward to working on the rest of Rokudan with you next year.

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