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April 17, 2016 by 21emak

In English we have been learning about censorship and how might that effect us or others in different ways. Censorship is thinking something is not appropriate for a certain group of people because of the content or the meaning. This can be anything from books to letters, anything connected to communication.

In this unit I learned a¬†variety new things, from the positive effects to the negative. How people could think just because they are not pleased with the content no one should. Censoring the unpleasant ideas of the world and the different ways people think about maybe your country or government is how people prevent others on finding out. How even the most harmless things could be censored because the content of homosexuality (and tango makes three). Now knowing that because of a small group of people that don’t think it is suitable for another small group of people doesn’t mean it is bad for everyone else.

My opinion, perspective or understanding personally changed or developed over the course of the unit when I used to think that censorship was all completely defective. How others think that by not letting people read or hear a certain kind of thing that they will not know for the rest of their lives. People will find out eventually one way or another. But now I think that censoring something is sometimes appropriate for maybe younger audiences. But being able to have a solution for both problems is the greatest way. Censoring the content from the right age group but still letting others enjoy it. Cause not everybody needs censoring. For example the violence in the video games people play these days. How they have such good qualities and effects. By trying to protect the young audience from seeing this you will effecting others as well. The grown people that want to play this game, the creators of the game and many more. But by having a solution to solve the problem both people can protect but play and everybody gets to win. So now by knowing both sides of the topic I think that censorship should be only necessary with a good solution.

This knowledge I have gained form the useful lesson in class. It will change my daily behaviours in many ways. Being responsible to know the age restrictions, learning the suitable vocabulary and content for my age. Being able to know what is right and what is wrong. To know the difference between reality and imaginary. But also having my own thoughts and opinions. To know what is right for me and when, making the right decisions.

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  1. Simon says:

    You’r blog post is really good and I liked how you did kind of like sections
    How does censorship affect people?

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