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Oxygen on Mars


June 15, 2016 by 21emak

Oxygen on mars is very thin, mostly consisting of carbon dioxide. It is more the air you breathe out than in. Making you need to wear a space suit to be able to live. Even though there are many other reasons why living on mars can be hard, for example the soil for plants and food. The suns radiation that will burn you on mars, also the leak of water that we will need to live. Going to mars with no stops will take about 9 months, making deliveries quit difficult.

One of the ways to make mars a better place to live, is bringing plants to help make oxygen for us to breathe. The flowers that you have brought to mars consume carbon dioxide and turn that into oxygen. To make this happen you will need a plant somewhere in a closed space for example a martian pod. Though this method will create oxygen and the air we need to breathe, too much oxygen is bad as well. So much oxygen in a confined space can lead to things spontaneously explode. To prevent that you will need to vent out the oxygen but you will need to find away to do this without venting the nitrogen which is used to pressurized the Mars One pods. As a result of the air pressure getting so thin eventually you won’t be able to breathe

Another solution is to split water into its constituent parts, hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen making a better atmosphere for people to live in. But as a result of this there is a risk of dehydrating because of the lack of water. Using water as a source of oxygen when also need as a source of drinking it is quit difficult. You can fix that by having enough water stored for drinking but as well as breathing. Splitting the water is something scientist as already able to accomplish.

The best solution is the first on with the plants in a closed space. Scientists will be able to figure out how to vent the oxygen without venting the nitrogen. Which makes living in martian pods much easier and is able to do this with just a plant. Making living on Mars easier and less dangerous. Making sure we have enough water to drink because we need to bring that from earth as well. Resulting to the first solution which is better for the environment making energy. Photosynthesis can also be used to grow the plant to produce more oxygen. Which will be great for the ecosystem helping the both living and non living things.

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  1. Simon says:

    I think your blog is good and it is very reasonable to do what you explained.

  2. 21avilayoshidaa says:

    Heyyyy Kaleaaaaa!!!!

    I think this Ms. Kaufman will give you a 7/8 because you have a lot of information that is really easy to understand, and plus really easy to follow which is good for people with different ages. I really like your topic because I can get an idea of what plant I could get if I live in Mars.

    Akiko Avila Yoshida

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