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Spanish Unit 1 Reflection


November 2, 2016 by 21emak

The past unit we have been reviewing on previous things we learned and putting them into different contexts. Being able to look back on things I was not sure about. This unit some strong points I feel I have are writing and reading skills. I felt more confutable about using more vocabulary and my sentence structures. My writing test were all organized and well written, using new vocabs and expressions. The readings are easier being able to understand all the vocab added. This year if I keep this up I feel I will have no problems with these language skills, by studying all the vocab and remembering to use them.

However I have the most trouble with oral, not being able to process what I want to say. Though I am confident in my writing, I can not speak. I could work on my pronunciations but I have more troubles with sentence structuring what I want to say. Even though I have no trouble with that in writing I seem to get confused when trying to speak. I will improve this skill by speaking more often when studying and try to make the connections to written assessments.

Some changes I will make for next year will be practicing and focusing more on my oral and listening. To be more familiar with listening to Spanish, and creating sentences thinking about different vocabs. A goal for this year wast to be more organized with my binder, and the start of the unit I have done well being able to categorizes everything in sections. But I would like to add more information to my binder, which will be a goal for through tout the rest of the year.


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