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Nature vs Nurture


August 23, 2017 by 21emak

In I&S class this year as our first unit and class our first class we have started to look at Nature vs Nurture argument and what our and other opinions might be on this topic. The Nature vs Nurture argument is the debate between if the human behavior or other human characteristics, come from Nature or Nurture. Nature can be things that come through our genes, such as the color of our hair or eyes, which are mostly connected to our characteristics coming from our parents. Nurture is the influence of the environment that surrounds you, and how that has changed our decisions or maybe other abilities. These decisions or abilities can be altered by our friends, parents, the media, and any daily thing we see. To sum it all up Nature vs Nurture can also mean genetics vs learned.

We as a class watched three videos on this debate, one was on the Cambridge study. Which was a study looking at gender stereotypes, when people associate the girls with pink or the boys with blue. In the experiment they used a controlled environment by putting an adult in a room with various toys, letting them know they will be looking at how the kid will react to a stranger. But actually watching the adult and their behavior with the kid not knowing that the study also switched the gender of the kids by putting boys clothes on the girls and vice versa. By doing this they observed how the adults will react with their different genders and what kind of toys they hand to the kids. They watched as the adults tried to push the more boyish toys to the boys and the girly toys to the girls. But because they don’t know that they are the opposite gender they tried hard to play with the kids with the wrong toys. This study showed how sometimes even without realizing you may be nurturing some behaviors by gender stereotyping children.

Another video we watched was the Hines study which used an uncontrolled environment in a zoo. For their study, they looked for a kid who did not grow up with these stereotypical behaviors in their surroundings but could not find one all over the world. So they decided to use the next best thing, which was monkeys. In the zoo as their study, they scattered different toys on the ground and viewed as the male monkeys will go to the trucks and cars but the female monkeys will go to the soft, fluffy dolls. While they were doing their study a female monkey had gone through the bag of toys in the back and found a pink baby monkey toy, and had taken it up the tree. This study showed how nature plays a big part in this argument, how even though kids are not nurtured to like particular toys they are born with the instinct. Especially for girls to go to dolls which may look like a smaller version of themselves making them want to take care of it but also for boys of the fascination of moving objects such as cars.

The last video that we watched was an argument between Nature vs Nurture on the topic of black athletes dominance in sports related to evolution. As years go by black athletes have been the leading athletes. This debate is on, if these skills are from nature or nurture, nature can be argued by their past of slavery, how their population quickly determined the strong and weak evolving these black athletes to be more dominant in these sports. But they also say these black athletes also have to train themselves to become the top which nurture can be argued. In my opinion, this shows both nature and nurture just because not every black athlete is dominant, which shows training and nurturing. Although with training because of their past some may be born to be stronger at these sports.

I feel that this debate have both strong sides to the argument and personally think that there is no real conclusion just because all of the variables that need to be calculated and just the matter of fact that everyone is different. Some people may be born with specialties that can be nurtured to something bigger. I see that physical characteristics show that nature plays the biggest part to its relevance but other things can be altered throughout your daily life for better or worse. There is no sure way to tell if people are born with a personality or see things around them that made them be who they are. Though your genes and past can explain many things about what is passed down. But how you feel can be altered through your surroundings. Overall I believe that both nature and nurture play a part in how we are who we are. That we can be born with many talents and if nurtured can become very well. That our friends and parents can influence different decisions that we make by learning that you are doing the right thing with experience. After looking at the table we filled about some things about ourselves and the connections between nature or nurture to those traits. There are many things that we inherit from our parents but also learn from the environment around us.


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