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Expedition Reflection


September 9, 2018 by 21emak

During our time in Nigata, we participated in an expedition that went along for 5 days. Of those 5 days three of which we went hiking through the mountains as a whole grade. The first night when we got to the camp we started with some group activities to get to know the leaders, as well as the leaders, get to know us. Though this has been a trip with our grade the new students that had joined were also new faces that I personally got to know better through this experience. The second day was when we left for the next three days and two nights of hiking. Which was not as pleasing as it was forecasting for rain and cold weathers.

These conditions also pushed me to the limits that I had not known and encouraged me to work with others in the group. Also having the responsibility of building a tent, cooking, carrying your own belongings, many of these attributes were accomplished with the help of the group. Not only had my goal been to enjoy the trip but also to get to know the new students that had joined the grade. Getting to know more of my peers in an environment, not in school. Some skills that I had learned from this experience was making a negative situation feel positive, there were many times during the expedition where some things did not go as plan. But by considering the situation positively I found that the trip was more enjoyable. For example, the rainy weather caused the grounds to become slippery but I approached this situation so that I was able to laugh with my friends when we all fell. This overall made me feel more positive about my surroundings as it achieved my goal. Another situation was where we were the only group to go through all the mountain trails when there was the option of the road. But by doing so I felt huge accomplishment after finishing the trip. We were the only group to see and experience the views from the mountain and go down a steep slope using a rope. After reflecting back on this experience I would not do anything different because our group went through all the difficult trails and overcame them together.


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