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Hi readers, my name is Kalea. I am Japanese going to a school called YIS in Japan. I speak English and Japanese. I am better at English but I still needs some help with my grammar. Well I guess you can read andScreen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.39.07 AM see how well I do.

So first some of my hobbies are playing the guitar. I have played it for about three years. I am not that good but I like playing it for fun. It is cool that you can play your favorite songs on the guitar and see how well it connects. But if you want to learn more about that I am going to be posting so videos and well, posts that will talk about it more if you were interested. I have also been playing the koto in school. It is a very interesting instrument and not a lot of people know what it is. I have posted some parts of  the piece before talking about what part I need to improve on. We are doing a new piece that is very beautiful. I will be posting more about that.


I think this goes for everyone but I really love the holidays or even just the weekend. I don’t go to places for the holidays but every summer I will go to Hawaii. It is a wonderful and beautiful place. I always can’t wait to go and see my friends there. My friends Maia , Sophie and Akiko are the best of friends these are their blogs. I always have the best time going to different places, doing fun activities and going to great restaurants. But in the winter my family will go skiing. I have skied since I was little but I still have trouble sometimes. Well I tried to snowboard once and I had a really hard time but I did have fun. It was a little painful, and by a little I mean a lot but I was glad that I tried it. I guess for the weekend part I sometimes go to fun places with my friends. We go shopping sometimes or just play. But either way I always have the best time with my friends. We also went to a place called Round One where you can play sports, rollerskate, fish, bowling and other fun activities. We had a blast it couldn’t have been any more fun.


Well I also do like to play sports. I can swim, play tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, ski, snowboard and a lot others. Most of them I am not very good at but it is still fun just playing. Some are an after school activity and it is nice playing with your friends. But I do really like to play volleyball and swim. Both of them is kinda more for fun but volleyball was one of the school activity. My friends and I play volleyball all the time, we are not the best but it is nice when we are having fun. Swimming mostly can from when I will go to Hawaii and if I could I will like to swim all day. But curious enough I don’t really like the beach, if I could choose I would gladly choose the pool. I kinda think I got that from when I got stung by a jellyfish like three times in one day. But to be honest it didn’t hurt that bad so I was able to hold it in. I do regret going in the water though, they warned me but I thought it was going to be fine. That was a big mistake.

Photo by Adam Clark

Well besides the last part I hope you enjoyed reading my interests and all that. Please leave a comment and write about you like.

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Screen shot of me playing the koto

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