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Portfolio (2014)


This was my goal for the semester,

This semester I have worked hard on every subject trying to do my best. I think I have communicated a lot with other people, asking what they thought and giving my own opinions when we are doing group work. Maybe having fun doing it as well because I can do my work and also talk to my friends about what they think and have a little conversation on which we could agree on more. Last but not least I think have asked a lot of questions when I didn’t know what it is and make it clearly so I could get it. I was successful in my activities like when I was in volleyball I was in B team and me and Akiko were the only 6 graders, I got to be the manager that also played in games. But it was hard because everyone was older than us but everyone was very nice and it made me feel happy. I could improve on striving for accuracy because I rush through it and when I check it I feel like I am right but I am not and I miss it


For art I have choose my self portrait. The first drawing I have done, wasn’t very realistic  and I had only the outline of my face. My final portrait was more realistic and had more detail. It shows that I have strived for accuracy and checked over my work.


Design I have drawn a picture of my future blog. Then actually doing it and making my blog the way I want it to be . I have drawn it detailed but have not checked the theme if it will work. At the end I had to make some miner changes which changed my future blog.


For English I have written an essay on a Roald Dhal book. I have written two drafts on the same document but have made it better. You can see there are no mistakes and is very detailed.


I have done a kanji test which I have got a perfect on. I have rechecked it many times seeing if I have made any mistakes and got to get a perfect


I have done a test about algebra, and got an 8 on it. I have checked it over any times and tried to find mistakes. Therefore by checking I have got an 8 on the test.


For the next semester my next goal is to be Persisting. I would like to not be distracted and to be on task in class. I will not give up even though it is hard. I will look for ways to reach my goal when I am stuck.



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