Nature vs Nutrure

The Nature vs Nurture debate is an ongoing debate about wether it’s genetics that affect how you act and live or if it’s purely based on your environment. Some argue that your genetic makeup defines your whole personality, opinions and abilities. On the other hand, people such as John Watson argue that one environment and experiences make up a persons behavior and whole view on life.

The Cambridge study was made to see if adults would make children abide by gender stereotypes. In the experiment, adults were in a room with a child that they did not know with various “boy toys” and “girl toys”. Throughout the experiment it was seen that the adults did give the babies toys designated to their gender, even if the baby would reach for other toys. This makes us think that gender roles could be purely a thing made my society and nurtured into people generation by generation.

On the nature side of the argument is the Hines study. The Hines study is a more controlled test because by giving toys to monkeys who have had no previous knowledge of the toys or which “belongs” to each gender we can see what their natural instincts really are. In the test we saw that the monkeys did tend to interact more with toys targeted towards their own gender. This makes us think that this is more than just the influence of our environment, but it is also maternal instinct in females and interest in mobile objects in boys.

Overall, I personally don’t think its nature or nurture that can account for everything about a persons behavior but each element has an impact on who a person is and how they think and act.

Dragon Days Reflection


Designing our project was… Challenging  because we had to think of a real problem going on in the school and think of an effective way to fix it.
Reasons I liked working with my group
  • We had fun but we still got the work done
ATL skills that I used well I used creative thinking well when i designed the posters and helped write the script for our script.
Great moments along the way My favorite part of the whole thing was snack on the 2nd day because we were stuck in the auditorium because it was raining so my friends and I just ate cookies and messed around in the auditorium.
One thing I learned from another group I learned about how people judge us just by our looks and how this is unfair. Don’t judge a book by its cover!
Next time, I will Try to make it even better by drawing a better poster or making a cool poster showing what our team name is.
Something awesome that I contributed I designed the posters to hang around the school! 🙂



Playing the Blues

The task i did was play different chords on the piano that you would sing the blues to. The right hand is shuffled because it was common to do that when playing the blues. when playing this the hardest part was transitioning between chords without pausing for too long. Next time to improve I will first play the left hand, then the right hand, then put them together to make it smother.



English Reflection

I think I did well at annunciating and projecting my voice. I also think I didn’t look at my cue cards too often. If i were to do this again i would rehearse more and also focus on trying not to fidget or sway from side to side when i am speaking because I know I tend to do so when I am not paying attention.

Who should decide what I am allowed to read, view or listen to?

I think that you, with the help of your parents should decide what you are allowed to read, watch, or listen to. I think that you should listen and respect your parents suggestions but the final choice should be yours. Also, you have to take into consideration that if your parents don’t want you to read watch or listen to it there’s probably a reason behind it, they are not just trying to limit you. if they say not to do it don’t get angry just ask why and try to be understanding but in the end make the best decision for you.

Here’s some people that agree with me

Here’s some books that have been banned!


Legend Main Points

The legend I’m doing is a Native American tale, How the Bear Lost his Tail. Here are the main points:

  • Bear is walking before his winter nap when he sees otter sitting next to a big pile of fish
  • He stops and asks Otter how he got so many fish
  • Otter lies and tells bear that he got them by wriggling his tail around his fishing hole until a fish say it and bit it.
  • Bear tries it
  • It doesn’t work so Bear gets up to  go home but his tail is stuck in the ice
  • He has to rip off most of his tail to leave
  • This is how the bear lost his tail

Moral: Don’t believe everything you hear.

Fashion Speech Reflection

A couple weeks ago I gave a speech for drama class. This is my reflection:

7C Drama: Speech24 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

My best skill in this video was my volume. For example, you can tell what I’m saying in the video without turning the volume all the way up. I also had good articulation. I need to work on my posture because I was swaying back and forth and if I continue doing this it might distract my audience from what I am saying.