Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

I learned very much in Unit 3. Things ranging from preterite conjugation to perfecting my imperative commands.

The preterite conjugation is similar to Back to the Future as it is hard to get to the past. Irregular preterite conjugations are very weird or.. STRANGE like Dr. Strange’s abilities. After perfecting my imperatives, I turned to the dark side and used weird commands such as “Besa me” meaning kiss me just like Darth Vader when he mastered the force. Pronouns to verbs are like Darth Vader to Storm Troopers as Verbs control where the pronouns go. Ms. Hill is teaching me the ways of the preterite similar to how Yoda teaches Luke how to use the force. Yui and I use our Spanish against each other like Luke and Darth Vader battle with the force.

An un-conjugated reflexive verb or infinitive verb would have the pronoun attached like Yui and I as we are attached to each other.

Learning in Spanish helps me understand how hard it will be in the future to master a subject. As it is difficult to study old material as well as master the things you need to learn to progress in Spanish.

This is a Wordle of some of the keywords about what we have been learning in Unit 3. It includes the highlights of how I interpreted this Unit. 

Showcase Portfolio 8


Art: For art, we are working on arts and crafts. I created this blue pot using a coil technique. After letting it air dry, and putting the pot in the kiln, the pot was ready to paint. This photo was taken before it was put in the kiln after the paint was applied. Once it comes out it should be a brighter blue. I plan to add a glaze to make the surface smoother. I used creative thinking skills in this pot. I hope to use more skills throughout the year.           


In design we are working on making an animation. We have spent our whole year up to this point planning, and creating the story and our message. I chose the topic cancer because it has had a big effect on my life. I plan to improve my animating skills as I get more experienced and create another in the near future. In this animation I used reflection skills by applying feedback from my peers.


In drama, we are learning about Commedia dell Arte which is the first form of Comedy. It originated in Italy and as a class we have done a lot of research on it. My interpretation is here. I used communication skills by getting my point across in my project journal.

English: In english we a currently working on poems and how they are related to advertisements. I would like to show you my book report on Skellig which we have worked on before the winter break. It is a very interesting book with lots of symbols and allusions. Each of us had to create a theme related to the book. We have learned that themes cannot be one word, rather they should be full sentences with a lesson to be learned. This is exactly what I have displayed in my report. I used media literacy skills.

Humanities: In Humanities we learn about the world around us. Religion is a big part of our day to day lives. They cause holidays and unique traditions. My partner and I created a presentation about Christianity. We talked about rules, holidays, origin, and etcetera. I used collaboration skills by presenting with my partner.

Mathematics: In math we are working on 2D and 3D shapes and such. I made a poster on all sorts of shapes. I think I did a pretty good job. Here is the link to it. I explained and showed methods to find area and perimeter of a 2D shape, the internal usable area and length of each line in a track, and finally the surface area and volume of a pyramid. I used communication skills by getting my point across. 

Music: We haven’t had many assignments in music. One thing we have had is the test on accidentals and chords. I didn’t do very good on it and I plan to improve later in the year. I use organization skills by arranging pitches correctly.

Physical Education: In PE, we were working on invasion games and strategies in which to confuse the opponents and get a score. In this video I was showing a possible offensive strategy to apply in handball. Handball is similar to basketball and soccer. You can dribble with your hands and you have to shoot by throwing the ball into the goal. I showed this strategy in this video by drawing and moving magnets on a white board. LINK. I use transfer skills by applying knowledge from MS basketball and YCAC basketball to PE.

Science: I have never been very good at science although I enjoy chemistry. Currently we are working on Metals and Acids and how they work together. I created an infographic which is similar to a poster on Acid Rain. Here is a link. I use Information literacy skills.

Spanish: I enjoy Spanish very much. (I think it is my favorite class). I am learning about travelling and have learned a lot of vocabulary related to it. Recently, Kalea and I did a skit in Spanish. Kalea was the client and I acted as the flight agent. I had to recommend a country to her and explain the fastest way to get there and what to bring. Here is the link In Spanish I use creative thinking skills by thinking of complex sentences quickly.

YCAC Basketball: Last year and this year I have taken part in basketball outside of school with Hayden, Connor, Yui, Lukus, Erik, and others. I have applied communication skills (although I have no evidence). In scrimmages and the games that we have had, it was necessary for us to be vocal and communicate. This helped us very much

ATLs that I am strong in: I think I used many ATLs (Approaches to learning) this year. Today I will narrow it down to 4 that I think I used the strongest in. I think I have shown organization in lots of my classes especially Design. I have turned in every assignment on time and have gotten exceptional grades. I have shown transfer skills in our basketball team at school and at YCAC by being vocal in both of those places. I have shown information literacy in Humanities in the Christianity presentation by using correct information in the right time. Finally, I have displayed collaboration in dramatic skits in Drama by working with others and creating skits in short amounts of time.

ATL to work on: Although I have said that I have shown organization in Design, I have not shown organization in Spanish. Despite the fact that Spanish is my favorite class, we have had a lot to work on and I have had trouble managing it. I will make it my goal to work on my organization in Spanish this semester.


I&S – GapMinder – Comparing Niger and Japan

Looking at the income per person and their total fertility rate of Niger, I see that Nigerien people have lots of children (7.6 children per woman) and as of 2011 according to UNDP, their income is very low $886 per person per year. This is a problem because it means that Niger will have a bigger population and less money to spend on taking care of them. The GDP per capita in Niger is only 886 which means the average person makes $886 per year. You can see that Japan is near the top of the world. They have a very high income per capita while they have fewer children. About 1.4 children per woman and $31,274 per year which is very good. This means that the people in Japan get richer, and the people in Niger become poorer.


Niger’s Population Growth is very  high although it is growing faster than Japan. Niger’s population grows 3.8% every year and 116 children under 5 years old and under, die out of 1000. That is 12% of Niger’s 0-5-year-old population dying per 1000 born. Japan’s annual population growth is only 0.29% which means it is still growing but barely. Japan is known to have lots of elders rather than children. Only 3.4 out of 1000 children 5 years old and under. Only 0.34% of children 5 years old and under die per 1000 born. Niger is about 3 times Japan’s size. Yet, Niger has 17 million people while Japan has 217 million people. This is a big difference and shows that Japan’s population density is large.


Niger’s Human Development Index is 0.348 which is the 188th in the world. Almost the least in the world. On average every woman has 7.6 children. Japan’s Human Development Index is 0.891 which is very high. Japan is ranked 20th in the world for HDI. On average every woman in Japan has 1.4 children which is low and potentially dangerous for the Japanese Population after the elders pass the population will dramatically decrease.

Niger’s life expectancy is very low only 57.97. This could mean very many things. It could mean that Niger is a dangerous country in the perspective that there are lots of crimes or it could mean that the health care is not effective. If you are literary, that means that you can read and write. In Niger, the literacy rate is 59.6% in total and the males have 69.2%. Japan’s life expectancy is high. Because of the low birth rate and the high life expectancy, the elder population becomes larger. The life expectancy in Japan is 83.10. This means that Japan is safe and also health care is very effective. Japan’s literacy rate is 99%.

In conclusion, all these statistics show that Japan is a higher developed country than Niger. From life expectancy to birth rate, Japan has it all compared to Niger.

All numbers are provided by Gapminder, Guttmacher, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Reflection on Unit 1 – Humanities


  • I have definitely made a similar kind of work in the past. The latest one I remember making is in Humanities last year (7th grade)


  • I was satisfied with the way I presented my knowledge through a presentation that loosely represented a Pecha Kucha.


  • We did our presentation slightly similar to how others did it in the sense that it was a presentation about religions. But our twist was that instead of putting multiple pictures and words, we only put one picture spread across the screen and a simple title.


  • One thing I would like to improve on is prioritizing work and applying my previous knowledge to work that I do in the future.


Spanish Unit 1 Reflection

This year I improved my grammar and my speed of finding the correct conjugation for verbs. While those are my strong points, I have various weaknesses that I should start to improve on. Some of them are…

Vocabulary. While I have enough vocabulary to communicate normally in Spanish, I need to start taking risks and expand my vocabulary. Next up is organization. Even in English, I struggle to keep my paragraphs organized. I think in Spanish if I could improve on organizing my paragraphs, it would be a good skill for me to have. Finally, I have more expressions. Things like, como, por eso, and aunque, would be a good bonus to include into my Spanish skills. I think that I can improve on all these skills and have them mastered by the end of the year. For that to happen I would need time to practice in and out of school. 


Reflections on Dragon Days


Designing our project was… Designing our project was very difficult although we got it done, I think we could have improved on the detail and interest we put into the project. Our presentation was very informative. Although it was, it was also a little boring in my opinion
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because nobody rejected ideas and we all went with the flow. I also liked it because there was no gap between the boys and the girls and we both supported each other.
ATL skills that I used well I think I used good organization skills. My group would occasionally lose things and I could back them up with versions of documents that I had.  
Great moments along the way A good moment we had was when we were filming the video. We improvised and our video turned out funny and also slightly helpful.
One thing I learned from another group A lot of the other groups such as The Picartists made a banner with their name on it that made their name stick out. I think if we could have done that and engaged lots of kids our project could have been very successful.
Next time, I will Be more constructive rather than settle on my own ideas. I felt like I was dominating the conversation half the time which some people may take as me being a leader.
Something awesome that I contributed I contributed by making a clean presentation and editing our short video skit. I think both of those were entertaining and interesting to watch.


Goals for this year in Spanish – 2016-2017

This year in Spanish I have 3 goals that I hope to complete by the end of this school year. I know that they can be challenging for me, but I know that if I try hard enough I can get it done.

Goal Number 1:
My first goal is to study at least 2 times per week for 15 minutes each of new material such as vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. I think that this will help me become more fluent in Spanish and improve my reading and writing.

Goal Number 2:
My second goal is to engage more people that speak Spanish such as my dad to help me get comfortable with speaking and not thinking too long before saying things. This will also get my sense to the language higher.

Goal Number 3:
Finally my last goal is to make a video log every 2 months to view my progress over time. Although 1 month is a short time to improve I think it would be a good challenge although I may change the amount of time I spend until the next log.