Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

I learned very much in Unit 3. Things ranging from preterite conjugation to perfecting my imperative commands.

The preterite conjugation is similar to Back to the Future as it is hard to get to the past. Irregular preterite conjugations are very weird or.. STRANGE like Dr. Strange’s abilities. After perfecting my imperatives, I turned to the dark side and used weird commands such as “Besa me” meaning kiss me just like Darth Vader when he mastered the force. Pronouns to verbs are like Darth Vader to Storm Troopers as Verbs control where the pronouns go. Ms. Hill is teaching me the ways of the preterite similar to how Yoda teaches Luke how to use the force. Yui and I use our Spanish against each other like Luke and Darth Vader battle with the force.

An un-conjugated reflexive verb or infinitive verb would have the pronoun attached like Yui and I as we are attached to each other.

Learning in Spanish helps me understand how hard it will be in the future to master a subject. As it is difficult to study old material as well as master the things you need to learn to progress in Spanish.

This is a Wordle of some of the keywords about what we have been learning in Unit 3. It includes the highlights of how I interpreted this Unit. 

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