Phase 2 Reflection – Spanish

I am most proud of my oral assessment and my final exam. I performed at top marks for both of them and felt very fluent when I spoke during my oral and zoomed through my written exam. I consider myself a Spanish speaker, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fluent one. I say this because I still have trouble placing the pronouns in the right places and sometimes I forget to conjugate in the correct tense. I also can work on my vocabulary. If I could take this course again, I would organize my notes in a way that is easier for me to look back on because the notes I took on the preterite conjugation were hard to read and made it harder for me to remember. For phase three, I will be prepared to take better notes and use my pages effectively. Secondly, I will be sure to improve my vocabulary and speak to my family members (who speak Spanish) to improve. Finally, I will plan to work on my weaknesses over the course of next year in Phase 3.

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