Expeditions Reflection

Before heading to expeditions I was worried that it would be lackluster and not as enjoyable as previous ones. This was because I heard that the year before some students went to Phuket, Thailand, and to myself, hiking for three days, and approximately 5 hours per day did not seem like an activity that I would enjoy partaking in. What I didn’t know is that my eyes were blessed with a new and more beautiful view every day. As well as this, the journey through the mountains helped me realize that choosing the most significant materials to carry, as well as keeping my belongings safe and dry was very important. I think this will help me in school to remember to stay organized and plan ahead to diminish the chance of unfortunate situations.

Since expeditions were one of the first things that we got to take part in during this year, I got to get to know people whom I haven’t talked to beforehand. The groups were constructed so that everyone could talk to someone new, and that is exactly what happened. At the end of the fast-passing five days, I was able to make new friends who I wouldn’t have without this trip.

Setting up the tents every night was most likely the most frustrating and complicated experiences that I have had. Yet through the hardships, we were able to fight through, and personally, I became a better contributor and teammate. Everyone in the group had to carry a specific element of the tent, and as a team, we decided who would carry the heaviest things and we substituted by carrying the clothes of that person.

Overall, I think that this trip helped me realize that being a good collaborator, being strong, offering for others, not judging books by their covers, and more, were all important aspects to having an enjoyable and incredible time. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity and hope that next year we will have an even better experience.