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My name is Noa and I’m an 13 year old kid that lives in Yokohama Japan. I am American-Japanese and enjoy sports and playing video games. My favorite hobbies are playing basketball and skateboarding. My music taste is Hip-hop. I play the piano and the violin. I have been playing violin for 5 years or so and have started the piano about 6 months ago. My birthday is in April. I love all different kinds of food. I like sushi, Italian food, Mexican food, Chinese food and many others. Stephan Curry is my favorite basketball player. Here are some highlights. Here are also some of my favorite trick shot guys. They are Dude Perfect.



Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.10.54 AM



Like everyone, I’ve had some hard times in my life. Unfortunately in December of 2011 I lost my mom to stomach cancer. I found that it was really hard coming home everyday from school thinking, “My mom is dying.” At the time I had a hard time mentioning it and talking about it. But now I feel more comfortable. I hope I will be fine without her in the future.

Anyway, so far my life is awesome. I have had so many awesome experiences and cool friends and teachers. I think my school is a really good school and I’ve learned a lot.

I hope you had a good time reading about who I am.



Sushi picture by me.

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  1. I just saw this post now Noa. It was a hard time in your life and for our family. You and your sister have been so strong – stronger than your Dad many times but we have all gotten each other through. Mom is always closer than you think and is smiling down on everything you and your sister have achieved, lifting you through your tough times, and always proud of you like Haruna and I are as well. Love you always, Dad

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