Portfolio 7th Grade

Over this semester I have had lots of projects I am proud of, and I would like to show the work that I am most proud of here. Along with the AtL skills that I have used or shown throughout those projects.


Drama has been very fun and we have had various different group projects to show off our presentation and speech skills. I am most proud of my DIY show. I clearly showed my communication skills by expressing my point to the audience and speaking clearly along with some modulation to keep the audience interested.


In music we have been able to express our selves through how we chose to be a leader in our performance “Sing a Song”. Our group decided to sing and perform Payphone by Maroon 5. We did an awesome job and we all collaborated well. We showed organization skills by placing the instruments in the right places, playing at the right volume and organizing when the sounds should be played.


Art has been amazingly fun. Art is the one subject where I can express myself through the images I draw (although it is very hard. I am very proud of how I did in the final Criteria A grade. The final grade contained 3 minor projects. I have shown Information Literacy with my research project by labelling the specific ideas and points I wanted to make.


Ms. Clifford has shown me so many ways to improve my writing and convey my ideas into my stories and projects. Since the beginning I have felt an improvement in the smoothness of my writing process and the words that I use have changed juristically. I am proud of the I believe assessment. I wrote about how boys and girl should be equal. My grade was a 7. I defiantly showed critical thinking skills. I showed that by thinking about how people would think about my comprehension of this topic.


This year in math, I improved since last year. I have started to understand more about the complicated equations and algebra. Learning algebra had opened my mind to so many different ways of thinking about math. So far the thing I am most proud of is the Pythagorean Triplets test. In this test I got an 8 for Understanding and 7 for Showing Work. I showed Critical Thinking skills by thinking twice about my answers and really trying to understand. I hope as the year goes on, I can get a better grade.


In Japanese class, we have done a variety of work. To be honest it’s not my strongest class. I have worked very hard on my kanji tests and get almost a perfect grade every time. Here is a picture of my kanji Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.28.21 PMgrades.

As you can see, I have about two test where I got lower than 50% out of 100%. I think I show organization skills by getting my kanji book out every Monday or Tuesday, preparing for the upcoming tests.


So far, Spanish has been so much fun. We have learned new adjectives, verbs, and phrases to use in an everyday conversation. As many times as we can we do a weekly video conversation. We do this so that we can see our improvement over the semester.  We also did a few presentations. The one I am most proud of is the oral presentation about Spanish speaking country’s food. I got an 8 and 7. I showed good Media literacy skills. I showed that by understanding and having knowledge of the food they when they eat. If you watch these conversation videos, you can see that I have improved a lot since the beginning of the year.




Physical Education

In PE, we have had experience to a variety of sports already. We’ve tried basketball, dance and volleyball. Out of all of them, some of them have been extremely exciting. In PE, I am most proud of my dance performance. Alec and I created most of the moves in the performance. We performed to Uptown Funk. I showed collaboration skills by creating the different moves and compromising with Alec so we would both be happy.


In Science we have done a few experiments. They have been exciting and interesting to study about. One of them was the Stopping Distance Investigation. In this investigation we studied how far a trolley would travel after it got let down a ramp. I showed transfer skills by taking knowledge from Mathematics and applying it to Science. I did this by creating a graph and a table according to how we learned it in Math.

Individuals and Societies

In Individuals and Societies we learn about how people in history changed our world today and how we can change others. Awaiz and I did a presentation about the colonization of Vietnam by France. I did really well on that and got a 7/8. In that presentation I showed collaboration skills by researching about France and Vietnam and working as a team and getting work done quickly.

Colonization Presentation

In summary, I have used a lot of skills. I have 4 skills that I think I’ve shown well and 1 that I can improve on. So lets start with something I can work on, I think I can work on reflection skills. After I finish my work, I don’t really think about it that much. I defiantly reflect, but I do need to work on it. I think I can write down in my google calendar to reflect on every big project after it’s due so I can think about what I can improve on for next time. I think I have shown Collaboration skills, Communication skills, Critical thinking skills, and Transfer skills well. I’ve shown collaboration skills by working well with my partners and groups, and getting work done efficiently. I’ve shown communication skills by expressing my message through all my work and make people understand. I’ve shown critical thinking skills by in tests, always thinking twice about my answers. Finally I’ve shown transfer skills by using knowledge in classes like Math and Science and using them for both.

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