Teachnology Reflection on Making Tutorials

I’ve been working hard about tutorials. What I’ve been working is we watched many tutorials and made a design specifications like 4. I did that for developing ideas to plan about what is my tutorial is going to be about. In the design specification we had to write about what is the good thing about the video tutorial! Next step we were doing was designing which is the drawing the storyboard how is my tutorial going to look like. We planned how we are going to organise our self so we made planning doc so we know when we are going to like on dec, 7th get materials for the tutorial, take video on dec 8th, something like that. Now what I am doing is making reflection about what I did and telling about the tutorials.

My timeline plan:

In my storyboard I didn’t really put the design specification, but I will have a music, subtitle and I already have title in my storyboard. In my storyboard the first three thing I drew is the text saying about my tutorial and telling about the thing that I am making for the tutorial. At the first picture or video I am going to show the picture of the finish project. For the some parts I am going to put some texts so they can understand better.

My storyboard:

For the first three boxes in my storyboard, I put the text so they can understand. My tutorial is good because my tutorial is about making burn sugar and this burn sugar is good for snake when you are hungry, it is really good because it is made out of sugar! But one bad thing is that it is sugar so your teeth can get really bad from eating that. Now in my tutorial, I am going to show the finish project first so they kind of know if it is going to be good or not. The burn sugar’s name sound’s weird and the looking might be weird, but the thing is it taste really good.

My design specification:

I am going to learn how to talk better to make my tutorial better. I need to speak better because when ever I do stuff like this (tutorial) my voice goes down. Or I don’t have to change my voice! I can make the voice loud in the iMovie? That would be good for me!

I want to improve on the making my voice louder one that I said before and I have to work on practicing the tutorial I am going to do! Because I can do it, but making burn sugar it is kind of hard. So my dad is going to be teaching me how to make the burn sugar correctly so I can do it for my tutorial.

I have learn that MANY people need tutorials to do or teaching people something. For example 1 days ago I wanted to learn how to do a cool skills on the basketball in youtube and SO MANY THINGS came up!! I couldn’t choose video that I am going to do! I really enjoyed making the storyboard, it was fun 🙂 And what I am going to most enjoy is….. Making tutorials!! I am going to make it tomorrow!

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Teachnology Reflection on Making Tutorials

  1. Great job Jaehyun! I think if you do a practice recording with your voice you can see how loud you need to speak to be able to hear you on actual finished video. Generally you should always speak louder than you think you need to – even if it feels strange at the time. I was in Korea last month and I saw people eating burned sugar on the street! Now I will know how to make it!

  2. I liked how you showed the finished product, I liked how you sayed that this is important, and I liked how you had a clear voice. One thing I learned was how to make bumgui and how to use the metal plate thing. I think you need to improve on more effective subtitles.

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