Drama Reflection – Informative Speech

Taking modulation into account, I think that my voice was fairly audible and I went at a steady pace. But I didn’t change my volume much throughout the whole speech, well, except for the “GUESS WHAT, FOLKS”, part. Also, thinking about the second aspect of delivery, physicality, which is essentially how you use your body,  I was swaying throughout the speech, probably due to nerves, and shuffling around. Also, I used many gestures, maybe too many, and I wasn’t using the palm card at the start or end much, but during the “main part” of the speech, I had to use it to see what order I was presenting my problem and solution. The expression on my face rarely changed though, maybe only three times. Using the third category, content, I think that my speech did stay on aliens the whole time, but I don’t know how me contradicting my whole speech at the end affected it. I think that I varied my tone a little bit, when asking questions and listing. My best skill was probably not needing a direct script (my palm card had things I had to talk about, not what exactly I had to say), and having my voice be clear and audible. I think that I should work on controlling my shuffling and swaying because it’s a lot more clear that I’m nervous when that happened.

I think that Andre’s speech was interesting and unique because he told us how the things in his speech and what we said could effect us and his last sentence was intriguing.

Censorship G7 English

I used to think that censoring something only applied in something like news, where you bleep out curse/cuss words or distort their voice. I now know that censorship is an extremely broad topic. It can be used to protect people, in the instance of something like a hate letter with false information being publish or used to control them, like the Nazis burning books to influence people’s learning. Many people also consider it an incrimination on freedom of speech. Censoring can also mean restricting access to something, aka. banning. Before something is banned, it has to be challenged, and the challenger has to have a reasonable cause. Many innocent books, video games, and forms of media have been banned, mostly in the case of misunderstandings, like people thinking that Harry Potter promoted witchery. But there is some good cases of censoring, albeit, exaggerated, Australia removed blood from video games because they thought that blood would desensitize people. But there are some REALLY exaggerated concerns, like America attempting to take toy weapons (ei. swords, nerf guns) away from children because they think that the children will pick up violent behaviors. In all, there are three main reasons for challenging explicit content or censoring media; Being desensitized, fear about being victimized, and learning or being influenced by violence.