The Origin of Cosmos

– Before anything, there was just a gaping abyss, it had a name, it was Ginnungagap.

– It separated the physical representations Frost & Flame, who also had names mind you, Niflheim & Muspelheim

– The aurora of Frost & Flame met and created Ymir, who was the first of the giants, was gender neutral, and produced others from their sweat.

– Also created a cow, Audhumbla, who nourished Ymir with her milk.

– Buri, the first God of the Aesir Tribe was uncovered

– Buri had a son, who then married a giant, who then had a kid named Odin who became the chief of the Aesir Tribe, along with his two brothers; Vili, and Ve

– Odin, Vili, and Ve slew Ymir and made the world from his corpse. Oceans from blood, soil from skin & muscle, plants and vegetation from his hair, clouds from his brain, and the sky from his skull (don’t ask me, the last one doesn’t make sense.

– Gods formed first humans; Ask, and Embla and built a fence to protect them from the giants.

Characters; Muspelheim, Niflheim, Ymir, Audhumbla, Buri, Bor – Son of Buri, Bestla – Giant who married Buri, Odin, Vili, Ve, Ask, Embla