My Tutorial Reflection!


While this project about TUTORIALS we had learn lots of things we can do to improve our tutorial and we even thought what is important in a video. It was fun thinking what to do and how should I do it. There were lots of challenges to do this but it was lots of fun making your original video.



I did well on my tutorial and I am going to show you how I thought it went on this unit. I think I made the title was good because it is a funny interesting start which I think audience wants to see it. And I did my survey good than I thought because I gave lots of tips and I learned lots of things while this unit so I did lots of creative things. I think it went even better by giving important tips. This made the drawing easier. I used some photos which was good because this was a important specification in my head. But this doesn’t mean I cleared everything. I actually didn’t do side by side I was thinking to do. And even didn’t do my materials but I think I did very well.


Making a word for people to remember. For example in one of the video they had something called BEEF. And which was very helpful and it was like for example B is balance and E is for EYES. Using Voice Over might of been it better.


There are parts I don’t really know so I want to tell what questions I have while doing this video. Can I change the speed as the speed you like to be. There is a place I can click to make it to fast motion or slow motion. But the speed it does is not what I wanted it to do. However I don’t know if I can change it how I like it. It is challenging to even control the final cut pro. I didn’t even know about it but I got it because it looked interesting but, it is hard than I expected.  I want to practice it.


It was very challenged by doing the taking for my video. I had my phone so it was so hard holding the camera and drawing it. It was in hard balanced and it made it weird in some places but went pretty well.


I think it was hard but I had lots of fun making tutorials. It was very fun thinking ideas and making my own tutorial. I think I want to make another one. There was some negative parts about this original tutorial video so I want to make another great video which can be useful for the world.

Comments I gave  is this and this. There both very awesome! GO CHECK THANKS!



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  1. I liked your drawing. I thought that you should change the screen size and show the important parts with editing not with the pencil.

  2. I think it’s a great idea to try to make another tutorial to use what you learned from this time to make an even better one. I agree with lots of your statements about about what could be added. I’m glad you challenged yourself and had fun!

  3. I liked your drawing, the tips were clear and your voice was clear too. I Learned that how to draw Goku and how to draw the eyes better. I think you should improve on your screen size because it was small i couldn’t see that much.

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