Drama Do It Yourself Program

I organised my equipments by showing what you need on the table in a line so it would a close good look.

Our groups target audience is who has problem or who wants advice to make an awesome paper airplane. First we could improved our DIY video by saying the instructions while the other person makes it so it wouldn’t be awkward like our video how one of us just stand up behind the person who is making the paper airplane while doing nothing.   I think it was a huge success to choose to do the propeller first because we want something that has a huge impact last, and something that will give interest first, so it was the correct step. I believe that it was a funny start to make people get hook.

Could of improve on the trivia, because my trivia is obvious so when I next do a DIY video, I would want to say a trivia that only a few or no one knows. And my best skill was to make a excited loud smooth noise to attract the audience to listen to the video.


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