Drama Story


One day two boys were going on a walking close to the lake. Then the boys had seen two beautiful shell with different kinds of color on it. So the two brothers had decided to take the two shells and went back. They put the shell on a pot and leaved it on their home.

 Both of the boys are working at a farm, everyday until it was almost night time. The sun was going down and the moon was about to rise up so the so the younger brother said to the older one, that he will go back home to make dinner for today. And the brother nodded and so he went back to his home. However, surprisingly the dinner was already made. The brother was amazed of what he had saw.

The next day they were continuing to work at the farm, while the younger brother was still wondering about yesterday night. So he was too suspicious about it, he decided to leave early. So like always he said to his brother that he will go home already. But of course the brother knew that it was quick so he asked, that isn’t quick. The young one answered that he wants to see something, so he dashed back to his home, and opened the door with a bang! then again the dinner was made. Then the brother walked towards the house and asked about what was the thing you wanted to see? Than they both saw the dinner made. 

So they both decided to finish there job quick and looked towards the window and then they heard a voice. Lets get out now, it’s a good time, thats what they heard. And then a strong light had blowed from inside there home and they ran to their home and then they saw two woman, standing at their home with a kimono.

They were working over the mountain. The grandma who worked there said that if you don’t work you will be a shell. But they never listened and didn’t do their job, so they had turned to a shell. And then  the two shells when over the sky, going around the rivers and asking other shells how to be back to human but no one never known.

But the two boys found them and were sent in a safe place so the two woman wanted to do something back so they always make dinner. They can only be human on a limited time. Then they saved the woman and left back to where they were.


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