Food Problem In Space

In a few years humans are going to mars because the earth is full of space, and eventually the population will increase, however there are issues about living in mars. And one of the problems are about eating at mars.

One of the two solutions are bringing the part of an animals meat, by bringing a lot of spaceship, and sending it to mars while having the piece of meat in a refrigerator and cool, it until the number of spaceships goes to mars. The other solution is planting a plant that contains protein, vegetable such as avocado, or tomatoes which are something healthy, and contains a lot of protein.

I believe that sending the food from earth to mars is the best way, because you could send meat, salad, drink, etc, which are mostly impossible if you don’t have an animal to make meat. Even if you get a few cows for example to mars, that would take a long time for the cow to grow until eatable, and healthy. Sending to mars will be safe if you make a good balance, in the spaceship.

However on the other side if you were choosing to plant the food, you want you will need a big bubble which would protect the pressure. And a plants photosynthesis is having a soil to plant the food, and a lot of H2o to even grow the plant, and lastly a solar energy, for the plant to eat. And you need to wait for a long time till the plant grows until it is a food which is eatable, so you will die while you wait for the food. And to get protein such as meat you need to bring the organism such as cows in mars. And if you are going to bring an organism, why not just bring a part of an animal’s meat. And the mars ecosystem an organism  can have some kind of disease in its cell or DNA, which might cause human to cancer or any death issue problems.

In conclusion, bringing food is the best way, because you can save the overdate by cooling the food in the spaceship. If you are going to plant plants or growing animals, you would need tons of water a bubble to protect the area and soils to plant vegetables. So bringing the food has less ingredients and time.

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