Expedition Reflection

During the expedition, I known that I was terrible at hiking. I made my hiking members wait because I was always at the back at the line. Other than that I knew about my knowledge about hiking. I couldn’t help my group members when making tents and even couldn’t opening my own sleeping bag.

My big shoes made my hiking more challenging. The shoe made my thumb hurt and it was more challenging by the distance. To avoid making everyone wait I had made goals to not complain until going 3 resting places, and it went well.

Before going to the expedition I thought that it was something impossible. There was conversations about the rain coming and the distance. However after the first hike I was surprised about how I was able to finish the first hike. This gave confidence to myself.

When there is a day to go hiking again, I want to check my items carefully before going hiking. The shoe made me think this strongly. I realised that every item that was on the paper are all important in variety of situations.

During the hiking in the expedition I didn’t have a role that helped my hiking member but I think I was able to know people I don’t talk often.

That the natural world is hard to survive and there are things to be careful but it’s fun to be, which I thought that our place including myself people are only using their phone.

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