Before going to the tennis club, because it was my first time I had fears on the techniques and the comments from people who is older than me. Before I went to the tennis club, I had practiced tennis before for a few minutes which I enjoyed playing it. This made me activated to go to the tennis club but I was worried because I didn’t do well on the practice.

We were able to practice in YCAC every monday. I was almost an amateur at tennis so starting from serving, I practiced the basic techniques used in tennis. It was hard to get used to distance and it felt like I had a longer arm. Eventually I was able to go to competitions between different schools in doubles. The match didn’t go well as a result but it was for sure a great experiment to play with people you don’t know.

Throughout this activity I thought that I wanted to try tennis next year and try to be better at organizing my plans so I can practice every skill evenly. As my first activity in the first year of high school I thought it was a great time to talk with people in different grades and get their opinions.

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