Reflections of Dragon Days

Design our project was fun because we used made our own project that was to help the school I think it was really good because we could do our bit to help the YIS community I thought it was a great improvement from last year because last year we could only do a few things but this year there is a bigger range of options.

I liked working with my group because I was in a group where I knew all of the people in my group because they were at some point in the same class as me and knew the 7th graders pretty well as well.

I think I used collaboration skills well because we knew each other and could come up with different roles for each other. I think this was a key factor when we decided to work efficiently.

I think one of my greatest moments along the way was when we made our video and when we all did well to make videos that were funny but serious at the same time. This led to the audience like our video and listened intently during our poster presentation.

Øne thing I learned from another group was that littering is bad because if you do an angel will come and also a devil then you will do bad things such as kill whales. I also learned from Victor from another group who made a very good video which I though was very good  because he used motion tracking during the video.

I think that nxt time I will learn from victor how to do motion tracking because it is a very good video effect that is very cutting edge and may lead to you getting more people listening to the more important bit.

yis-ms-dragon-days-4592-xlI think the most “Awesome” thing I contributed was that I made a 3D model of the roof concept which many people thought was very cool because they had never seen a 3D model at the Fire Fair.

Projets de week-end

1.Dancing and shopping
2. Friday Afternoon
3. a) Go to the concert hall
b) The zoo
c) the louvre
4. a) Go to the Eiffel tower
b) bateau-Mouche
c) Sacré-Cœur
5. Got to the cinema but they both don’t like the same film



Isabelle: aller voir un flim comique
Mathieu: aller a un concert
Mathieu: aller au zoo
Mathieu: aller voir un flim d’horreur
Mathieu: aller au musee
Isabelle: un tour de bateau
Isabelle: faire une promenade au palais de Chaillot
Isabelle: aller au Sacré-Cœur

I would choose to go on holiday to the faroe islands


Child Labour I&S

My Brainframe: Photo on 3-23-16 at 2.10 PM

My Video:

I think that people need to know that child labour is bad in is a clear infringement of human rights and it is not very good for our future generations in making countries that are going to be very devloped like the usa.


Playing the Blues

Movie on 3-15-16 at 10.10 AM

My final peice that I did YEAY!

Movie on 3-15-16 at 10.10 AM #2

This is one of my attempts at doing the most complex one and in this one I had a little troble at the end but his shows that it was pretty difficult.

Movie on 3-15-16 at 9.56 AM

In this one it was more complex where I had to have different lengths of notes but because I got the basic idea when I played it was not that difficult.

Movie on 3-15-16 at 9.47 AM #2

I did the easiest type of blues where I used a lot of whole notes which means that it is a relatively easy thing even though It was hard to do the shuffle technique. because it was not like my normal tempo counting

This is the 12 bar blues and the last one was the hardest for me but I think I need to practice a little more for the final video. I want to be able to do the A challenge! 😉 By practicing more often at home not like right before the due date so then I will be able to make a better final product. Also it may be useful if I get rid of my problem that I am not a perfectionist.