My Favorite Tutorial: Homemade Rocket Fuel (R-Candy)

Because overall the narrator was very relaxed and also showed all the stuff at the start. It was very easy to understand because the person talked slowly but also not to slow that you couldn’t understand.  He showed the ingredients at the start so that we knew what to get. It was very useful because he went very in depth and explained what type of stump remover to get at the very start.


It was good because it was very cheap as he said less than a penny. Paying less than a penny is nice for people like me. I didn’t like this tutorial the most because you had to watch another video to be able to do the experiment.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Tutorial: Homemade Rocket Fuel (R-Candy)

  1. I love that rocket fuel video its so cool how he uses home made materials and easy to get stuff but I think he should have been a little more specific about what you have to do with the sugar.

  2. I really liked your videos and I liked the first one because you can make it with things that is easy to get, but the second one the lego one i thought it will be hard to make than the other ones!

  3. It is actually really cool it does with the sugar and it make the smoke until the all of the cover melts! 🙂
    The second video is awesome!!!! It shoots the rocket and it can be home made it is easy to make. He talks really well, so I can understand really good what he is talking about.

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