Spanish Unit 3 Reflection – Ebba Johansson

3. We are looking at a Spanish speaking country that we research about and write diary entries and letters about how the trip went. In InS class we are looking at human development in countries and some Spanish speaking countries have come up. In both classes we have researched about countries. In Spanish we have to continuously study the new notes and materials which you have to do in all the other classes we have as we move on to different units a lot and it helps us know more and be caught up to what we have been learning.

4. Preterite conjugation, expanding my conjugation range.

8. During the learning experience I feel challenged to my abilities and I feel like I am challenging myself, I feel involved in the class discussions, study and always try my best since this unit is more challenging to me. I feel this way because I work much harder than last year in class and when studying.


Unit 1 Spanish Reflection – Ebba Johansson

My strong points in reading is how I am able to know the word in the sentence even though it might have 2 meanings. My weak point in reading is my ability to know all the grammar and vocab. To improve this I will study grammar and read through the different exams we get and see if I understand it if I don’t I will ask Ms. Hill or look it up using Spanish dict and then write down the word with the translation in my book so that I can study it and memorize it.

My strong points in writing are my organization and my clear plan that is easy to follow. My weak points are the structure of the sentences and the conjugation. To improve this I will use a pomodoro technique, for example I will study for 10 minutes when i’m done I take a 5 minute break, then I take a test according to what I just studied there is a website that has many different test for different parts of the Spanish language and I will use that and use the tests on there to see what I have learned. If I get something wrong I will study it and the next day do the same thing over again. I will do this once a day every day.

My strong point in speaking is the pronunciation of a word that could be difficult. Speaking for me is the easiest because I practice that a lot with Linnea, at lunch we sometimes only speak Spanish and it helps with that. My weak points are to use the new and challenging vocab words in my exam because I am worried that I might get it wrong and be marked down for that. To improve this I will talk more with Linnea at more lunches and use the most complex and new vocab where she can tell me if I said something wrong and I can help her with that as well.

My strong point in listening is to be able to catch the key words that could be a major part of the question which helps me better find the answer in the exam. My weak points are that I listen to it and try to find the words that I write something down and I hear another key word and I miss it. Something that could help me improve this is something that is already happening which is to listen to the listening exam more than once. Another thing that could help is to practice at home because there are many different kinds of exams on the website that I talked about before so I could take one of those practice tests as practice to help me improve.

My goals for the rest of semester one are to follow the things I wrote that could help me improve and use that to score higher on my tests. Another goal of mine is to get at least 3 8’s until the end of the term. I already have 1 so only 2 more to go.

My Goals For Spanish 2016 – Ebba

This year in Spanish my goals in Spanish are:

  1. I want to become better at conjugation I will achieve this by asking questions in class and writing down what I get as answers. I will study my conjugation notes every night and then study my other work as an edition.
  2. My second goal is to study for 20-30 minutes because before I would study before tests and only like once a week for 30 minutes. I want to study every night. I will accomplish this by creating a check list for every nights homework and try to make sure that my schedule isn’t packed and that I have time every night.
  3. I want to speak Spanish outside of class more to improve my oral skills, I can accomplish this by talking to my friends at lunch and break sometimes like I could talk to Linnea because she is pretty much fluent in Spanish. I can also talk to my sister at home so that I am using Spanish a lot even outside of class.

Radiation On Mars

How do we prevent having to wear spacesuits but still be protected from the sun’s radiation?

Have you ever gone somewhere and felt so warm because you were wearing a long sleeved shirt? Ever just died from heat? Well on Mars the temperature is extremely hot because of the radiation from the sun coming straight into mars because there’s no atmosphere. Well since NASA is working on us being able to colonize Mars when we live there we will have to wear space suits which has our H20 (Water) and O2 (Oxygen) it will also be able to help us be prevented from being burnt. But do you want to wear a spacesuit for the rest of your life?

One of the solutions to this issue or problem is that we would just keep on wearing space suits because there is not many solutions to this problem, spacesuits can be ok once you get used to them as all astronauts have to wear them in training and when they go into space. Something simple would be wearing them until a better option comes along.

Another solution is to use the feces (waste) that you use after eating food and use that to grow plants. The plants will then grow in that because there is no soil on Mars so there is no water to use to help them grow. This can help create a small atmosphere as there is some Oxygen on Mars but it’s only a very tiny amount and too little to breathe as there is too much Carbon Dioxide.

My 2nd solution is better because people don’t want to wear spacesuits all their life so it would be better to wear spacesuits for a small amount of time and at least try to create an atmosphere and then plant trees uses your feces and plant food that way as well. People don’t want to wear spacesuits all the time but it’s ok until scientists find something that could help.

Article 1                                                                                                                                  Article 2

Spanish Oral Exam

In spanish we did an Oral exam where we got together with a partner and recorded 2 different ones, I made one with Anisa and one with Kai, the one I did with Anisa I feel like I did better in because of harder vocab. The one with Kai I feel like I was more fluent in my words and it was easier.

The one with Anisa:

The one with Kai:

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