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Wilderness Engagement – Ebba Johansson

Is our behaviour dictated by our genes or our environment? – Ebba Johansson

Specific behaviors that are your habits I think mainly reflects on environment. This links to nurture as genes are nature. I do think it’s possible that some of the habits that you have could have some nature in it. For… Continue Reading →

Transfer Skills – ATL’s

Spanish Unit 3 Reflection – Ebba Johansson

3. We are looking at a Spanish speaking country that we research about and write diary entries and letters about how the trip went. In InS class we are looking at human development in countries and some Spanish speaking countries have come up…. Continue Reading →

Vamos A Viaje Unit 2 Oral – Ebba Johansson

Spanish Oral – Ebba Grade 8 Unit 2

Unit 1 Spanish Reflection – Ebba Johansson

My strong points in reading is how I am able to know the word in the sentence even though it might have 2 meanings. My weak point in reading is my ability to know all the grammar and vocab. To… Continue Reading →

Dating Game October 11th – Ebba

My Chosen Video: My Other Video:

Spanish Week 3 – Ebba Johansson


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