Bon séjour

Activité 1: Tu as compris?
1. Why does Sandra tell her family to hurry?
Because Pamela is arriving at the airport at 10:20
2. How does Sandra describe her friend?
She’s 16 and she has brown hair. She will be wearing a red skirt and will have a black suitcase.
3. When they arrive at the airport, what do Sandra and Mrs. Lepic do?
They go inside to look for Pamela
4. What is Mr. Lepic’s first mistake? Why does he make it?
He mistakes a random girl for Pamela because she was wearing the same thing that Sandra said Pamela would be wearing.
5. What happens at the end of Une méprise?
The man helping Patricia calls out to their family since M. Lepic gave Patricia the wrong suitcase.

Activité 2: Arrange la scène
Choisis la photo qui correspond à chaque phrase. Ensuite, mets les phrases dans le bon ordre d’après Une méprise.

1. Pamela arrive à la voiture avec Mme Lepic et Sandra.
2. Mme Lepic, Pamela et Sandra sortent de l’aéroport.
3. M. Lepic voit Patricia.
4. La famille Lepic arrive à l’aéroport.
5. Patricia a la valise de Pamela.

In order:

Activité 3: Cherche les expressions
According to Une méprise, how do you …

1. tell what time it is?
Il est neuf heures du matin.
2. ask what someone looks like?
Comment est-elle?
3. ask how someone’s trip was?
Tu as fait bon voyage?
4. express concern for someone?
Ça va? Pas trop fatiguée?
5. introduce someone?
Je te présente…
6. apologize for your mistake?

Activité 4: Et maintenant, à toi
With a partner, talk about what might happen next in Une méprise.
I think that next, they will either stop and switch the suitcases back, or they will keep driving with the wrong suitcase.


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