Wilderness Engagement

A time when I had the chance to develop skills and understanding through an interaction with the environment was during our ninth grade expedition in Niigata. Over this week-long trip, we hiked for three days straight in multiple small groups of around 10-15 people and slept in tents each night. Throughout this experience, I was able to develop skills when working with my teammates to put up the tents ourselves when none of us were very experienced in doing something like this.

On this hike, I learned to build self-reliance as this hiking experience was difficult at times, and had to depend on myself to stay in a positive mood so that I was able to continue and enjoy the hike even after walking for many hours with a heavy backpack, and to get the most out of this experience.

Throughout the beginning of our hiking and camping trip, I found it kind of difficult as I was in an unfamiliar environment and wasn’t exactly sure what we were going to do, and how hard it would be. However, spending so much time in the forest and being emerged in nature, very different from the scenery that I was familiar with living in Yokohama, I realized how refreshing it was to separate my self from electronics as well as the school and city environment and to just connect with the greenery that I very rarely took the time to see and experience before this trip.

Overall, this trip was a very pleasant and refreshing experience that changed my thoughts on the environment, making me appreciate the outdoors more than I have before.


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