Portfolio 2014-15

Throughout grade 6, I have done and made many different things for different classes. I am also quite proud of quite a few of them.

In 2015, I chose 2 goals that I wanted to work to perfect. My first goal was to strive for accuracy and check my work over again. My second goal was to look at things from a different perspective if I am having trouble looking at something one way.


Maia's self portrait eyes and nose drawing


The reason I included my self portrait in was because I feel that throughout the process of making it, I always had to look at something a different way. It would often come to points where I couldn’t get something to look right which meant that I would have to find another way and find a different perspective. I chose the eyes and nose drawing because this is something that I am very proud of. Before I drew this I didn’t think that I was very good at drawing parts of your face, but after doing this I proved to myself that I was not that bad.



This is a link to my witches essay. I included this because I think writing this essay made my writing skills a little bit better. I also strived for accuracy while making this, by looking over and finding any mistakes or things that didn’t make sense.



This is a presentation on Greenland that I made with Sophie. I am very proud of this presentation because we both worked really hard on it and I think that it turned out really good. I have also been able to use some of the research that I found for this presentation in other school projects.


Backpack poster


The reason I chose this is because I think that it clearly shows how to wear a backpack and I think that I did very well meeting all the criteria needed.


My blog theme My blog


I am proud of my blog design that I came up with as well as my actual blog. I am happy with how similar my design matches with my real blog. I also really like my colour pallet and  think my header image matches very nicely with the background image.


Frogs and toads test:

Photo on 4-15-15 at 8.50 AM Photo on 4-15-15 at 8.50 AM #2 Photo on 4-15-15 at 8.50 AM #3 Photo on 4-15-15 at 8.50 AM #4 Photo on 4-15-15 at 8.51 AM

I chose this because I feel that I did really well on it and am very proud of it. It is also my most recent math test that I have gotten an 8 on which is why I am very happy with it. I feel that I also strived for accuracy when doing this test quite a lot by checking it over again. I also combined my other goal, to look at something in a different way. I did this when filling in the boxes related to what the pattern was. This got quite confusing at times but looking at it in a different way really helped me.


I am proud of my variation of this song. I think that it sounds nice and I also kept the melody similar to the original so you can still tell that it’s the same song. I also did something to reach one of my goals. When making this, I often had to look at the rhythm and notes in a different perspective when one note didn’t work and made it sound like a different song.


Japanese test

I am proud of this test because compared to the other kanji that we did before this, was quite a bit easier. Also, all of the kanji on this test used more than one character which made it harder. But in the end, I still god 100% which I was very happy about.


French Letter


I am happy with this piece of work because after not very long of learning french, I managed to get a 7 and an 8 on writing a letter in french. I thought that this would be hard but I ended up doing well.

My next goals are:

1: Responding with wonderment and awe. I want to succeed at this goal because, I think that it will be very good to add excitement in all of my projects and to make sure that I never waste my time being bored.

2: Taking responsible risks. To complete this goal, I will do new things constantly and include things into my projects that aren’t needed. Do something that I normally would be shy to do.


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