Portfolio 2016-17



Through our pottery unit in art, I used creative thinking when creating my own pottery design. We had to come up with a design and shape to form into something unique to us.


In design, we used creative thinking when creating our animations. We had to find a topic that we wanted to raise awareness for and create an animation based off of our topic that people would watch.


In french class, I used creative thinking when designing a slideshow to tell people about myself and my family.




We used creative thinking when creating an infographic on how the world is unequal. I created mine based off of women in Japanese workforces. We were told to create an infographic that was well laid out and that followed the techniques of good infographics that we researched.



During our exhibitions, we had to use good communication with the groups or partners that we were doing activities with.


I used communication skills in drama through my arts process journal where I wrote down everything that we learned and did after each class. Here I also reflected on what I could have improved.

Unit 1

Unit 2



In science, we used critical thinking when creating a slideshow, where I found the metal which is best to use when creating a bicycle that can withstand acid rain and other weather conditions.



We used critical thinking in P.E when evaluating two videos of professionals playing different sports. We had to find principles of play that the team did well, and ones that they could improve.



In english class, we evaluated and analysed an ad, while trying to find different visual techniques used in order to have an effect on the audience.




In math class, we were paired together with a partner and had to come up with our own probability game which we set up in the cafeteria for the elementary schoolers to play. We then had to write a casino report based off of our probability game.



In music, we were put into small groups that we created a band out of. I played the drums, and we had a guitar, a base, piano, and a singer/violinist. We were told to write our own song from scratch that told a story. We used creative thinking and came up with these lyrics:


Something to improve:

After doing all of these projects and activities through my different classes, I think that something that I still have room for improvement on are my information literacy skills, and my reflection skills so that I can find what I did wrong in one project or subject and apply what I learned and needed improving on into my next project, and also I wanted to improve my information finding skills so that I can easily and quickly find reliable information from good sources for different projects.