Global Understanding

In January of my 10th grade year, I went to a MUN conference in Shanghai. There we discussed various issues surrounding human rights. This trip has given me a lot of insight into how the UN works, and how bad of a system it is. I do think it’s great that people are discussing problems around the world, and I think it’s somewhat necessary. But what I found was problematic is that the UN can’t actually do anything. The clauses in the resolutions always start with “suggesting” or “encouraging” never “enforcing” and this is because the UN has no power over each individual country. I understand why that’s the case, each country should have the right to decide things for themselves to some extent, but with cases relating to human rights being broken, the UN should be able to do something. Ultimately I do think that the UN exists for a good cause, I just believe they aren’t accomplishing much compared to what they could if they had more liberty. I know this from being part of MUN conferences and doing research throughout.

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