Intercultural Communication

I am a citizen of the U.S, France and Japan. This because my mother is Japanese, my father is French and I was born in the U.S. I was raised in the U.S so I think I’m American by heart, but I also am a native speaker in French and Japanese. Growing up in between these cultures has been very interesting, I have found there’s a lot of parallels between the languages, especially between French and English, and to some extent Japanese. With English and French, many of the words are similar, so if I get confused in either language I can say the word in the opposite language and most of the time it will translate. With Japanese I found that there were parallels in the expressions used. They may be completely different between each language but they mean the same thing. For example there is a phrase in Japan that goes “朝飯前” (asameshimae) and in english the equivalent idiom would be “a piece of cake” but they mean different things, in Japanese it translates to “I’ll do it before breakfast”. I just found it interesting that even though these cultures were completely unrelated but ended up with idioms that mean the same thing.

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